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Low Hour Pilot Jobs - Those who have finished flight training and seeking their first flying job

The latest low hour pilot jobs from around the globe

Flying Jobs for Low Hour Pilots


The employment market continues to be particularly challenging for newly qualified cadet pilots. In the financial year 2009-2010, 2611 professional flying licences were issued in the UK alone. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, since April 2005, a minimum of 2500 professional licences have been issued yearly up until the end of their current statistics in 2010. This means over 12,500 newly qualified pilots entered the market in those five years, in the middle of which was the biggest global economic depression since the 1930's bringing a period of bankruptcies and consolidation to commercial aviation across Europe.

In this section we aim to bring together all possible current opportunities to help you get that elusive first flying job. Be sure to visit our career services area to see how we can help you achieve this and make your application stand out from the rest.

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Please note that we are not a recruitment agency - we bring you potential flight deck jobs of interest together into one place. If you have any queries about a specific role, you should contact the airline or agency directly. All job details were correct at the time of posting but may since have changed or have been removed. Please do not apply if the company has closed the application process - a posting on this page does not guarantee that the job is still available.
Jet2 Pilot Apprentice - Fully Bonded Type Rating
From the Jet2 website: "The Apprenticeship will begin at Leeds Bradford International Airport and our Commercial Office in Leeds, where you will undertake a planned schedule geared towards giving you maximum exposure to the full range of and Jet2holidays business areas. This includes Finance, Human Resources, Jet2holidays and Engineering. You will then support a wide range of Operational Teams, undertaking duties in Flight Planning, our new Training Centre in Bradford and the Crew rooms across our Northern bases.
On successful completion of the Apprenticeship, will provide you with a fully bonded Type Rating, and you will enter the world of commercial aviation as a Second Officer.
Successful candidates will already have a UK Frozen ATPL and Medical and a valid UK driving licence. Along with this, you will have completed an MCC and JOC course. You will have excellent verbal and written communication skills and experience of office IT systems. In addition, you must be flexible as we may require you to work from any of our Northern bases." can organise you a Jet Orientation Course at a leading UK CAA certified ATO. Need this or a tailored CV and Cover Letter to ensure your applications stands out? Email:
Norwegian Air Shuttle Non Rated Cadet Pilots (Summer Contracts) - NOW CLOSED
NAS are currently recruiting from non-rated cadet pilots. Must be willing to self sponsor a 737 type rating. It is a 3 month summer contract position. The application process requires a Cover Letter and CV. Make your application stand out with our tailored CV & Cover Letter service.
Susi Air C208 First Officers
Susi Air Indonesia are currently accepting low hour applications. Requires 250 hours total time and ICAO Level 5 English.
Cathay Pacific Second Officers
Cathay continue to low hour recruit Second Officers on their Advanced Entry Program. Applicants required a CPL/IR with 250 hours total time and 70 PIC.
Air Asia A320 First Officers
Air Asia are recruiting First Officers for their Airbus fleet. Must be an Indian citizen and hold an Indian CPL/IR. Minimum off 200 hours required.
Primera Air Boeing 737 First Officer
Primera Air are looking to recruit 737 crew for 2015. Applicants require a type rating but do not require any time on type. Minimum 20 hours on a multi engine aircraft.
Cessna 172 Survey Pilot
Skyviews are recruiting a C172 survey pilot for their operation based in Surrey, United Kingdom.
SunExpress B737 First Officers
Applicants require a ME/CPL & MCC and University Degree. No mention of minimum hours or type rating.
Volotea Boeing 717 Second Officers
Volotea are looking for seasonal Second Officers for their Boeing 717 fleet. Successful candiates can expect to fly 400-500 hours a year over a 9 month period Applicants who have up to 300 hours total time are required to be under 30 years old, applicants with 301-1000 hours TT up to 35 years old.
Skybus DHC6 First Officers
Skybus are recruiting for a seasonal position based at either Lands End or Newquay airports. No minimum hours hours required. Applicants are required to submit a CV - ensure your CV doesn't hold your career back by using our tailored CV services - click here for more information.
Jetairfly Abinito First Officers
Currently recruiting cadets. Require a frozen ATPL, be fluent in Dutch and have good French language skills. 
Blink C510 First Officers
Accepting applications for their Mustang Citation fleet. Low hour applicants considered. Requires a CV and cover letter. Ensure your application stands out, matching your attributes to their type of operation through our tailored CV and cover letter service.
PrivatAir First Officers
Currently accepting applications from abinitio candidates for their F2000 based in Geneva.
Jet Airways Traniee First Officer
No minimum hours or type rating requirement but must hold an Indian issued DGCA CPL, FRTO, IR/LR, RTR (A) and be fluent in Hindi.
Iberia Express Non Rated A320 First Officers
Iberia Express are recruiting non rated First Officers for it's A320 fleet. No hour requirement but does state that Spanish language proficiency is required.
Qatar Airways Low Hour Second Officers
Qatar Airways are recruiting low hour second officers for their expanding fleet. No nationality or hours restrictions. Must be no more than 30 years old.
Condor A320 Non Type Rated First Officers
Condor are recruiting low hour A320 First Officers. Require fluent German language skills however no minimum hour or type rating requirement.
Fiji Airways A330 Second Officer
Currently recruiting cadets for second officer positions on the A330. Requires 250 hours TT with 100 hours PIC. Closing 2nd May. Tailored CV & Cover Letter specifically for the position offered by - click here for further details.
Flight Instructor - Go Fly Oxford
Go Fly Oxford, based at Hinton Airfield Oxfordshire are looking for a semi full time flying instructor. Applicants should email
Flight Instructors ACS Aviation
ACS Aviation are recruiting flight instructors due to expansion. Bases include Perth, Glasgow and Cumbernauld. All applications considered. Contact:
F2000 LX Easy Business Jet First Officer
Zenon are looking for a First Officer for an established private jet company. No hour requirements and it says type rating considered on the aircraft which suggests it is not a requirement.
Aer Arann ATR First Officers
Currently recruiting ATR type rated First Officers for their Dublin, Cork and Shannon bases. No minimum hours requirement. Perhaps a possible opportunity to self fund a type rating in exchange for a job? 
Air Malta A320 First Officers

Air Malta are recruiting A320 rated First Officers. No other experience required. Requires Maltese language qualification.

McGinley Aviation Low Hour B737 / A320 First Officers
McGinley aviation are advertising for Low Hour First Officers. Candidates require a type rating either the B737 or A320 and a 4 year degree.
Brussels Airlines BAE146 / Avro RJ First Officer

Brussels Airlines are recruiting First Officers on a 9 month contract for their BAE146 fleet. No line experience required, minimum of 250 hours total time. States that a rating on the type is required, however perhaps it could be completed on after receiving a job offer? Might be worth an application!

Flight Instructor, Line Up Aviation

Line up aviation are recruiting 2 flight instructors to be based at Coventry. Only flying requirement is to hold a CPL.

Helvetic Airways F100/A319 First Officers

Helvetic Airways are advertising for First Officers. No minumum hours or type rating required.


Jet Time ATR72

Jet Time are reportedly recruiting for their ATR72 fleet. There are no minimum requirements.

Turkish Airlines Low Hour A320/B737 Pilots

Turkish airlines are advertising for B737 and A320 low hour pilots. Candiates must have flown the aircraft, but there is no hours requirement.

British Airways CityFlyer First Officers

British Airways Cityflyer have re-opened First Officer recruitment. No type rating required, 500 hours total time needed. Type rating is paid for by the company.

DHL (EAT) First Officers

DHL continue to recruit for their A300 and B757 Fleet. Start date on website advertised as January 2014. PPJN suggests they have recently recruited FO's and may expand the fleet. No type rating or minimum hours required. Tailored Cover Letters available.

Sun Express - Low Hour Pilot

Sun Express continue to recruit low hour pilots for the Boeing 737. No minimum hour requirement.

MAF - Basic Entry Pilot

MAF are accepting applications from UK nationals for pilot operations across Africa. Requires 500 hours total time.

Wizz Air Cadet Pilots

Wizz Air are recruiting low hour cadet pilots for their A320 fleet. Minimum of 200 hours required. No type rating requred. Candidates must have completed a Jet Orientatoin Course (JOC), which can be organised by for £2160.

E-mail us for the details.

Vueling First Officers

Vueling are recruiting for their Airbus fleet. No minimum hour requirement however proficiency in the Spanish language is required.

Jet2 Ab-inito Second Officers

Jet2 are recruiting low how hour pilots for their 737 fleet. Candidates are required to self fund their type rating.

British Airways CityFlyer First Officers

British Airways Cityflyer First Officer recruitment. No type rating required, 500 hours total time needed. Type rating is paid for with a 2 year bond.

Aer Lingus First Officer

Aer Lingus are recruiting First Officer for their Airbus fleet. Low hour pilots are eligible to apply. Type rating costs have traditionally been met by the airline.

​​​​Flight Instructor

Flight instructor required based at Durham Tees Flight Training (Northen UK). Flight instructor rating is the only qualification that is stated as a requirement.

CityJet Cadet Pilot Programme

Applications are now being accepted for the self funded CityJet Cadet Pilot Programme through FTEJerez.

DHL / EAT Accepting Low Hour Pilot Applications

European Air Transport (DHL) continue to accept low hour applications for their A300 & B757 fleet. Prior commercial experience and knowledge of the german language is desirable but not a requirement.

Dragon Air - Low Hour Cadets

Dragon Air are accepting applications from low hour cadets through their Pre-Qualified Cadet Programme (PQC). Although preference is given to Hong Kong Identity holders, it is not a requirement. Requires a one page CV. Tailoring for this is available through's career services.

Ryanair - Boeing 737NG First Officers

Ryanair continue to recruit low hour cadets. It is however expected that they will not be accepting any more CV's from April 2013 until further notice. Any interviews that take place will be from the pool of CV's they currently have.

Nyassa Air Taxi hiring bush pilots - Malawi, Africa

Nyassa Air Taxi currently hiring for two vacancies. Requirements are: CPL, IF-rating - 400 hours PIC - min age 24 years

Additional advantages: - Ratings on any of the below aircraft - Bush experience ​

Pilots required for operation of PA28, PA32, GA8. Click the link above for more details about this great opportunity!


LGW hiring E190 First Officers

LGW who operate on behalf of Air Berlin are recruiting low hour First Officers for their expanding E190 fleet. 70 hours PIC required but a type rating is not needed to apply. German language skills required.



Experienced Pilots Click Here for the latest Flight Crew Jobs
  • DHL Airways .jpg
    EAT (DHL) Non Rated Low Hour First Officers 28th July 2015
    DHL continue to recruit for their A300 and B757 Fleet. Applicants to not require a type rating and there is no hour requirement. Pilots are based in Leipzig, Germany. Applicants require a Cover Letter.

  • Jet2 757.jpg
    Jet2 Pilot Apprentice Program 9th June 2015
    Jet2's Pilot Apprentice Program has reopened for applications.
    Successful candidates will complete an apprentice program, completing placements throughout the airlines various departments including operations, HR and finance. Upon completion, the candidate will be given a fully bonded type rating and become a First Officer with the airline.
    - Frozen ATPL
    - MCC & JOC
    - Class One Medical
    - Driving Licence
    - Able to relocate to Northern Base
 can provide both a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) , and tailored CV & Cover Letter for your application. Our previous customers have been invited to the interview stage.

  • Wizz Air A320.jpg
    Wizz Air Non Rated A320 Cadet First Officers 9th June 2015
    Reduced hour requirement!
    Wizz Air continue to accept applications for A320 cadets. Candidates require 300 hours flight time and a Jet Orientation Course. ME/IR should be valid for at least 3 months on application.

  • ryanair.jpg
    Ryanair Cadet Pilots 7th June 2015
    Continuing to recruit low hour First Officers onto the Boeing 737.

  • Air Asia A320.jpg
    Air Asia A320 First Officers (India) 5th June 2015
    • Must hold a valid Indian CPL/IR with an unrestricted class one medical certificate;
    • A minimum of 200 hours total flying time;
    • English language fluency (written and verbal comprehension); must be at least equal to ICAO English level 4;
    • Must be an Indian citizen;
    • A320 type rating would be advantageous.

  • Bulgaria Air E190.jpg
    Bulgaria Air E190 First Officers 4th June 2015

    Bulgaria Air announces vacant positions for Embraer 190 first officers


    The candidates shall meet the following requirements:

    - possess current EASA CPL(A) including RTO and IR(A)/MEA;

    - possess EASA Class I medical certificate;

    - have passed successfully ATPL- theoryandexamasperPart FCL 1.285;

    - hold a certificatefor a satisfactory completion of MCC-course;

    - have successfully passed ICAO Level 4 requirements for English proficiency;

    - valid Embraer 190 type rating is an advantage;

    - Bulgarian language proficiency is an advantage.

  • Condor 757.jpg
    Condor A320 / B757 First Officers 22nd May 2015
    Condor are recruting A320 and B757 First Officers. No type rating or minimum hours requirement. Fluent German required.

  • images.jpeg
    Diamond Executive Aviation 17th April 2015
    DEA are looking for a MEP/CPL/IR qualified pilot. No minimim hour requirement. They are looking for the following additional skills:
    • Networking (LAN/WAN/VSAT)?

    • Software configuration?

    • Physical IT hardware assembly?

    • Radio propagation?

  • Cathay Pacific.jpg
    Cathay Pacific Second Officers 12th March 2015
    Cathay Pacific continue to accept applications from low hour cadets for long haul Second Officer Positions.

  • Fly Dubai B737.jpg
    Fly Dubai Boeing 737 Cadet Pilots 23rd February 2015
    Fly Dubai have teamed up with Emirates-CAE Flight Training to take on cadet pilots.

  • Danish Air Transport.jpg
    Danish Air Transport (DAT) First Officers 22nd February 2015
    Danish Air Transport are accepting applications for First Officer positions for their mixed fleet. No minimum hours stated.

  • Transavia Boeing 737.jpg
    Transavia Boeing 737NG First Officers 22nd February 2015
    Currently accepting applications from low hour pilots.

  • Flybe E170.jpg
    Dash 8 Q400 First Officers 22nd February 2015
    Flybe are recruiting experienced and low hour First Officers for their Dash 8 fleet. Low hour pilots require a at least a 90% ATPL theory average. Will recruit from both integrated and modular flight training backgrounds. Flybe also requires applicants to have completed a Jet Orientation Course (JOC). Such a course can be organised by with a UK CAA approved ATO - email  for the details.

  • TNT Airways.jpg
    TNT Airways First Officer 22nd February 2015
    TNT Airways continue to accept online applications for medium and long haul positions with no type rating requirement or minimum hours specification. Fleet includes B737/777/747.

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