Mega Maldives Airlines 767 Aircraft

Mega Maldives Airlines suspends operations

Mega Maldives Airlines has suspended operations from May 2nd whilst it completes a restructuring and recapitalisation process. This is another example of the industry being as ‘cut-throat’ as ever.
The Airlines other management and administrative functions will continue to operate.
Their CEO George Weinmann said “the board of directors and executive team felt that it was necessary to focus on the restructuring and improving our product and service. We will look forward to returning to flying very soon with a renewed fleet that can service established, under-served and emerging markets.
Since 2016, Mega Maldives Airlines has been in the process of restructuring the company. This process would involve securing new investments, bringing changes to the ownership structure of the company and a review Mega’s fleet strategy with a view to acquire newer, more suitable aircraft.
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