Light Aircraft emergency landing in Portugal kills 2 people on the ground

A light aircraft has killed 2 sunbathers near Lisbon in Portugal.

Portuguese officials have said the victims are a 56 year old man and an 8 year old girl. There were no other injuries. The aircraft got into difficulties and was forced to !ke an emergency landing on Caparica beach which is around 20 miles south of Lisbon.

Locals have said they are used to seeing light aircraft flying up and down the shoreline but locals on the beach were not happy with the pilots decision to make an emergency landing on the beach.

Eye witnesses said the aircraft was unstable on its attempt to land on the beach and skimmed the beach before landing and ending up close to the water, there was panic on the beach as the aircraft came into land and some sunbathers ran into the sea.

Above is a photo of the aircraft with a damaged port wing.
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  1. Mark Rice
    Mark Rice says:

    Well my first reaction was that the victims should have got out the way, but if the airplane was out of fuel then I guess they might not have heard it. In fact it was a stupid reaction because I expect if they had become aware of the aircraft of course they’d have tried to escape. Putting a fixed undercarriage airplane down on the beach seems eminently more sensible than trying to stall it into the water..who knows what the hell happened. Very sad.

  2. Mark Rice
    Mark Rice says:

    Also, the “locals were not happy with the pilot’s decision to land on the beach’…hmmm…yes, because two people died, including a kiddie. Yet if nobody had died everyone would instead have been applauding the pilot’s lightning fast thinking to land the aircraft. They literally would have been standing there on the beach applauding.


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