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Pilot Aptitude Test Practice

Through our pilot aptitude testing partners, Flightdeckfriend.com…

L3 announce Instructor recruitment campaign with sponsored scheme available

L3 Commercial Aviation have announced an exciting opportunity…

Airline Interview Questions – How to prepare

If you've been invited to an interview for a flight crew position,…

Can mobile phones really be dangerous to use on aircraft?

This is a question we are often asked by passengers. The…

What are the challenges flying through Africa?

Africa is a vast continent and although their aviation infrastructure…

This week we look at aircraft checklists. Why and when are they used? 

 Checklists are so important in flight operations. If done correctly…

One of our pilots answers common myths and questions asked by passengers

What does it sound like a dog is barking underneath the floor…

What do pilots actually do in the cruise?

Many of the general public believe pilots 'do nothing' in the…
easyJet Pilot Recruitment

easyJet about to commence huge pilot recruitment campaign!

At the beginning of June, easyJet will be launching a recruitment…
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