Airline Pilot Selection Preparation

Pilot Career Services

For current and prospective commercial airline pilots . . .

Welcome to the career services area. There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications for each flight deck position. With an extremely competitive employment market for pilots, it has never been so critical that your application and then selection performance stands out from the other candidates. From ensuring your CV is noticed to providing airline specific interview questions, we can help you get your dream flying job.

For aspiring cadets, we can provide you with information on specific flight school selection processes and then briefing packages for airlines recruiting low hour cadets. For those looking to start their airline pilot training, we recommend looking in our “Becoming a Pilot” section first.

Airline Assessment Preparation

Airline Briefing Packages

To give you the best chance of passing selection with specific airlines, we have compiled comprehensive briefings about individual airline selection days and interviews. We cover everything from the aptitude testing to the questions asked. Have a look at our best seller, the Ryanair interview and simulator briefing.

Airline Pilot CV

Tailored & Example Pilot CV and Cover Letters

Ensure your application stand out from the crowd with our professionally tailored airline pilot CV and Cover Letter service. Don’t use generic documents! We structure your documents specifically to the airline you’re applying for, matching your strengths and skill set with the airline’s ethos and culture.

Airline Pilot Aptitude Testing

Airline Aptitude Testing Practice

The various aptitude testing used by airlines and flight schools can be intensive and demanding. It is an unknown entity with several theory’s on how they are assessed. We have a free numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning aptitude tests as well as ATPL technical tests.

Airline Pilot Interview Questions

Pilot Interview Question Examples, Technique & Preparation

Some people find interviews more challenging than others. Understanding what the interviewers are assessing and how you can impress will help boost your confidence and thus performance. Check out our interview FAQ’s for the pilot interview do’s and dont’s.