Airline Pilot CV/Resume Tailoring

Professional Pilot CV & Resume Tailoring

A proven track record of our CVs getting pilots interviews

We offer professional CV tailoring for pilots. We can produce a high quality, bespoke document which is sure to enhance your application to an airline.

We have helped tailor CV and Cover Letters for hundreds of pilots who have gone onto be invited to an airline assessment.

Why use our service?

Once you’ve been invited to an interview the hard part is done, you just then need to confirm that you are the right person for the position. Airlines receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications for what are usually a very limited number of positions. It is rumoured that the Qatar Airways recent second officer recruitment received over 2,000 applications within just 2 days!

Many of the CV’s received by airlines are fairly similar in terms of content and layout, especially from cadet or abinitio level candidates – it’s important to make yours stand out from the rest. For many airlines, scanning through CVs is a “tick box” exercise. If you don’t include all the essential information your CV will go in the bin. We ensure all such information is included in a very precise, professionally structured and concise format. can help you. We offer a tailored CV service that will ensure that yours stands out from the crowd. We’ll write it for you and ensure it highlights your strengths and attributes whilst clearly highlighting all the critical information which is often left out. Don’t let your CV hinder your career prospects!

What we offer…

  • A bespoke tailored CV
  • Professionally structured
  • Clear and concise
  • Essential details included
  • Delivered in PDF, Pages and Doc to allow future updates
  • Comprehensive questionnaire provided to ensure best possible content
  • Unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied
  • Payment via PayPal when documents are completed

We’ll go through your CV and provide feedback to you with suggestions as to how you could improve it. We’ll proof read it and analyse if any important information is missing from a recruiters perspective. We’ll also look at if you’ve missed any opportunities to build on certain credentials you have.

What you’ll get:

  • Bullet point feedback on your document
  • Suggestions of what else to include or remove
  • Potential areas of expansion to highlight your credentials
  • Proof reading to pick up on spelling or grammatical errors

We will only charge you for the service if we think we can give your worthwhile feedback. We’ll review the document first before letting you know if you would benefit from it and requesting payment. We are honest and open and quite regularly review documents which we don’t amend – you can have faith in our service!

If you’re unsure, send your CV in and we’ll have a look at it for you.

We write you a new clear and concise CV that includes all the critical information that an airline looks for, whilst ensuring your strengths and personal attributes come across strongly. Based on a 7 working day turn around.

As above but accompanied with a unique cover letter that matches your attributes with the airline’s mission statement, ethos and type of operation. We highlight what you can bring to the airline based on your previous employment or education experience – this doesn’t necessarily mean flying! Based on a 7 working day turnaround.

Need a CV & a Cover Letter in a hurry? We offer an express service ensuring your documents are completed within 36 hours of placing the order (subject to providing us with all the required information). Individual documents – CV only £139.99 and Cover Letter only £139.99. We can also process documents within 12 or 24 hours subject to an additional charge.

“Investing in your CV is investing in your future…”

Let us know which package you’d like and we’ll get back to you with our comprehensive questionnaire.

Customer Testimonials

We have a proven track record of our cover letters getting people interviews with major airlines. Over the last 6 years, our documents have helped our customers secure assessment days with; Ryanair, easyJet, Qatar Airways, BA CityFlyer, Emirates, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Wizz Air, Fly Dubai, Flybe, Monarch, Air Tanker, Eastern Airways, Transavia, DHL, TNT Airways, Jet2 and British Airways. Here’s what some of our customers had to say regarding our tailored CV and Cover Letter service:

I want to say a very big thank you to you and your team for my tailored CV and Covering letter, I absolutely love it, I also want to thank you for the added effort of doing research and making my cover letter look very personal as well as the added information within the email, I will definitely be using you again and recommending your team to current and future job seekers.

Thanks for this, and for being so honest about it! Many people would have charged the £60 anyway, I appreciate it!

Excellent Service

A great job… I would have no problem referring others to you

I would just like to thank you for the service you provided. The CV and Covering letter were both excellent. I feel that more needs to be done in flight training establishments to help students understand and produce an effective CV, but without having this, your service has been second to none.

Thanks again for really fast and professional service! I am really impressed!

The CV you guys made was successful! I have an interview scheduled

I got an invitation the very next day of my application with your documents, to assessments. So it works.

I have used this website before to help produce a cover letter and found the service first class! I have since secured a job with an airline. I would first like to thank you for all you help!!

The CV and cover letter are perfect

I’ve read through everything and it looks brilliant! It definitely looks worth the money. Thank you for your help and for working so late on a Friday! I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

What to expect…

All our services come with a promise of unlimited changes and adjustments until you are completely satisfied! Please note, in order to provide consumer protection, we only accept payment through PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice once the documents have been completed and are ready to be emailed to you. Once payment has been received, the documents will be emailed to you on the same day.

We aim to acknowledge orders by email within 12 hours. The standard turnaround for an airline pilot CV (and Cover Letter) order is 7 working days. We offer an express service at an additional cost. If your require less than a 36 hour turnaround, please contact us for a quote.

Both the content and layout of your CV is of critical importance. You need to quickly catch the recruiter’s eye with the information that is pertinent to the job. A generic template will not achieve this! The first thing the assessor wants to know is are you qualified for the job? This means you hold the correct flying licences, have the required hours and are able to live and work in the country from which the airline operates. If the recruiter can’t immediately see this information, your CV is likely not to be processed further. Once it has been established you are suitable qualified for the job, the recruiter will further analyse the CV assessing your skills set and experience through previous employment, education qualifications and extra curricular activities.

Your command of the English language is also assessed based on the quality of your CV. This is of significant importance. Both the use of language, spelling and grammar should be to a extremely high standard. A pilot CV with spelling and grammatical errors will be dismissed very quickly. You are applying to operate an aircraft where attention to detail is critical – this must be reflected in your CV. Even if you are fluent at English, but it is not your mother tongue we would strongly recommend your CV is proof read by a professional.

More Information About Our Professional Pilot CV / Resume Tailoring Service

We provide a professional CV tailoring service to ensure your pilot Curriculum Vitae has all the relevant information in a presentable and concise format. Our knowledge in what information the recruiters want to see, and in what format, may significantly improve your chances of being invited for an interview. Once we receive your current CV, we will review it and then contact you with a follow up questionnaire in order to ensure the best possible content is included. We will then customise both the layout and content into an airline friendly format.

What we ask from you is that you email us your current CV (although it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one – it just speeds up the process). We will then review it and let you know if you would benefit from our service. This is non-committal and we will only suggest using our airline pilot CV tailoring service if you genuinely require it!. If we can’t improve it, we will tell you just that. If you don’t have a current CV at all, we will email you a comprehensive questionnaire in order build your CV.

We only ask for payment (via PayPal) once the document has then been completed and is ready to be emailed to you. Once payment has been received, we email your tailored pilot CV to you in PDF/DOC and Pages format. This will allow you to update the CV as and when you need.

To place an order, or if you have any questions regarding this service please get in touch through [email protected]