Cover Letter Examples

Example Cover Letters for Pilots

Written specifically for individual airlines

Don’t let a poorly written Cover Letter hold back your application!

When applying to an airline, you need to ensure your application contains a well written, highly specific Covering Letter that addresses the airline’s ethos and operation, matching them with your skills and attributes.

Whilst we offer a full Professional Pilot Cover Letter tailoring service, we appreicate this isn’t within everyones budget. Therefore we have put together a set of example cover letters for specific airlines which you can download and edit yourself. These Pilot Covering Letters have been specifically designed for both Low Hour and experienced First Officers to help increase the chances of your application being advanced to the next stage of selection.

Each Pilot Cover Letter (other than the generic one) considers the airline’s type of operation, fleet, ethos and history. This attention to detail demonstrates a few highly desirable attributes to a prospective employer:

  • You are highly motivated
  • You understand the airline’s operation
  • You have spent time researching the job you are applying to
  • You are prepared to invest time and energy into a high quality application

“An investment in a high quality Pilot Cover Letter is an investment in your future”

*Important* – The example letters should be used as a guide to demonstrate how to customise your letter. You should take the time to amend your cover letter to ensure it is unique and genuinely reflects your application.

Example Cover Letter Combo Package

This combo package provides excellent value for money with example Covering Letters for 5 airlines included. The package includes example Cover Letters, suitable for First Officer or Low Hour pilots, for the following airlines:

  • Ryanair
  • Wizz Air
  • Jet2
  • Generic Covering Letter (suitable for all airlines)
  • Flybe (now defunct)

Generic Airline Example Cover Letter

Updated 1st September 2020.

Extract from the Generic Pilot Cover Letter:

‘I make decisions in a reasoned and analytical manner, taking into account of a range of options and including all team members in the option generation process. I believe this allows me to make well thought out decisions, and support others to do so, which is absolutely vital when operating a commercial aircraft. I am prepared to adapt and change my decisions if required, as circumstances change and new feedback is received.’ Pilot Assessment Guide Example Cover Letter

Updated September 2020. Suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers.

Extract from the Cover Letter:

‘ has built up an excellent reputation for the level of customer service it delivers, which is supported by the fact that won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award in 2019. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, has been able to weather the storm due to its resilience and the Dart Group’s strong financial position which is testament to the leadership demonstrated over the last two decades.’

Ryanair Example Cover Letter

Suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers. Updated 1st September 2020 to reflect the Covid-19 circumstances.

Wizz Air Example Cover Letter

Suitable for Low Hour Pilots, First Officers & Captains. Updated 1st September 2020 to reflect the Covid-19 pandemic.

Flybe Pilot Recruitment

Flybe (now defunct) Example Cover Letter

Despite Flybe being defunct, this document is an effective example of a Covering Letter for a turbo-prop airline. Suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers.