Simulator Assessment Preparation

Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation

With training facilities based at London Gatwick Airport, through our flight training partners, we are able to offer a range of tailored simulator assessment packages conducted on a wide range of state-of-the-art full motion and fixed based simulators. This includes most Boeing and Airbus aircraft types. You can be assured of the realism of our simulators with them all including an aircraft specific data-pack to ensure a high level performance fidelity.

The highly experienced team of instructors consist of current Type Rating Examiners and Instructors, some of whom run recruitment simulator assessments for various airlines. This ensures you are given a unique insight into what the selection team are assessing and how to ensure you pass your assessment. 95% of candidates who visit our partners for their selection preparation go on to pass their airline simulator assessment so you can be confident that you are visiting a highly professional and knowledgeable team  who are looking to provide you with a personalised and effective service.

The training for your assessment preparation is supported prior to the session to ensure you are able to get the most out of your session and see real value for money. This includes you receiving a Flight Deck poster of your aircraft type via email, accompanied with an iBook to allow you to be thoroughly prepared before you visit the sim. This will cover the standard profiles, scans, handling specifics and flight management advice specific to your aircraft type.

Simulator Prices

  • B737-800 FBS

    £160 p/h

  • B737-400 FFS

    £390 p/h

  • B737-800 FFS

    £490 p/h

  • A320 FFS

    £490 p/h

  • B747/757/767/777/A330

    Please enquire

As you can see from the photo, the realism is outstanding!

Boeing 737-800 FBS located at London Gatwick Airport



“It was a great help to spend two hours in the simulator before my assessment. My instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to give me excellent advice and instruction during my session. My simulator assessment went very smoothly so I am very glad I took the opportunity to practice before hand.”

“I was extremely impressed with the service I received from my first enquiring phone call through to both my sims. Both instructors were extremely helpful and very approachable. They made me feel relaxed in the sim and I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions and benefited a lot from them. Being able to contact the instructor before the sim session is also very helpful. The office staff were extremely friendly and made you feel very welcome. I felt like I was receiving the service I paid for and more! Thank you and I will inform you soon of the result of my interview!”

“Thank you for accommodating me on short notice! Please send my best regards to the pilot. He gave me excellent advice and most importantly I got the job!”

“My instructor was excellent. It was great preparation for my airline assessment. My expectations were exceeded and I’d highly recommend it.”