Multi Crew Cooperation & Jet Orientation Courses

Maximise your potential and ensure you are ready for your first airline job

Don’t under estimate the importance on the MCC & JOC phases of your flight training. The quality of the training given, and the simulator device which it’s completed on, will effect your employment prospects so don’t shop on price alone!

We want to ensure that when you have completed your training with our training partners, you have ALL the necessary skills to secure an airline interview, pass the selection process and then perform to a high standard on the type rating.

We believe that the level of pilot training you receive at this stage in your career can make a real difference to your employability when seeking your first commercial airline job. We have therefore designed this brand new course to ensure the student is left with a thorough understanding of multi crew airline operations coupled with the basic jet handling skills required to commence an airline type rating.

All elements of the ground and simulator flight training are completed by hand picked commercial airline pilots holding instructor ratings and have significant operational experience. Training is completed on a state of the art Boeing 737-800 simulator, boasting one of the best visual effects models in the UK. It is fitted with the Boeing 737NG flight dynamics package which means the simulator handles just like the real aircraft – something many MCC providers don’t offer.

Ground School

The groundschool phase includes 25 hours classroom training spread over 3 days.
There are regular breaks during each classroom day, and refreshments are provided free of charge. Students will also have access to the airside staff restaurant at the airport.
After the groundschool phase, students will have a day off before starting simulator training.

Simulator Training

The simulator phase includes a total of 28 hours simulator training over the remaining 8 days, which includes a day off. Simulator training days begin with a 1hr briefing, followed by a 4hr simulator detail and then a 1hr de-briefing. As the simulator training days last 6 hours you will have plenty of time for self-study, as well as time to relax and enjoy your stay in Cambridge, or visit London.

Imagine going for a Ryanair simulator assessment for your first job knowing you have already spent 28 hours flying exactly the same aircraft – you’ll be in a fantastic position knowing you have already aquired all the skills to successfully pass the assessment.

The course is completed at Cambridge airport in the UK.


Accommodation packages can be arranged to host individual or family accommodation, including breakfast, located close to the Training Centre.

Course Dates

We have ongoing course dates commencing weekly. Please call us to book your place.

MCC & JOC Cost

We offer competitive pricing for our MCC & JOC courses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and availability.

Entry Requirements

You will need to hold a current CPL with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine experience (ME/IR) or the Skills Test pass certificates if awaiting licence issue.

Reasons to choose our partners MCC & JOC

We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to MCC and JOC courses, but it is vital that your introduction to a multi crew environment and commercial jet operations be to the highest possible standard. Here are a few reasons to choose our MCC course:

  • One of the most advanced simulators of its type in the United Kingdom
  • A course that has been purpose written (in 2014) to ensure that is based on the most up to date airline practices and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Genuine Boeing flight dynamics package ensuring the aircraft feels almost identical to the real thing
  • Instructors with extensive operational and instructional experience coupled with the enthusiasm required to ensure you get the best out of your training
  • Developing the multi crew skills required for modern commercial airline operations whilst becoming familiar with a high performance jet aircraft – the most popular commercial aircraft in history