Airlines attack decision not to freeze long-haul duty rate in the UK

The UK press dedicate parts of their budget coverage to criticism from IAG of the Chancellor’s announcement that long-haul Air Passenger Duty will increase. Short-haul APD will be frozen until 2020-21.

An IAG spokesperson is quoted as saying: “It’s ironic that this Brexit budget has undermined Britain’s global competitiveness by uppping Air Passenger Duty, the world’s highest aviation tax, again.

Last year, British Airways’ passengers paid £682m in APD. We want to offer more flights to key markets, like our European competitors, but APD stifles route development. This out-dated tax also costs UK jobs and growth. If Britain wants to compete on the global stage post Brexit, it should be scrapped now.” The industry groupAirlines UK added: “APD is nothing but a tax on Global Britain. Rates are already the highest in the world.”