APS Multi Crew Cooperation Course MCC

Airline PIlot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (APS MCC)

Maximise your potential and ensure you are ready for your first airline job

Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (APS MCC)

Airline Ready APS MCC

  • Provider: VA Airline Training
  • Location: Cambridge Airport, UK
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Sim Type: B737-800 or A320 Simulator
  • Hours: 40 Hours Sim Time
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  • Price: £6,900 Contact us for more information

Discount APS MCC for Pilots

VA Airline Training’s B737NG APS MCC Sim

Discounted A320 APS MCC for Pilots

VA Airline Training’s A320 APS MCC Sim


The MCC element of your flight training is arguably the most important. It is during this course that you learn to transition from single pilot to complex multi pilot operations, which is the bedrock of a safe airline. If you are recruited by a commercial airline, they expect you to arrive ready for your type rating, having already developed your multi-crew skills to a good standard. With this in mind VA Airline Training developed an Airline Ready® APS MCC, specifically designed to help you quickly settle in to an airline operating environment.

Through our close collaboration, FlightDeckFriend.com is delighted to be able to offer our customers a discounted rate. The standard cost of the course on either the B737 or A320 is £6,900. Full details of the course can be found on the VA Airline Training website.

From experience, we know that the level of pilot training you receive at this stage in your career can make a real difference to your employability when seeking your first commercial airline job. VA Airline Training have therefore designed this state-of-the-art course to ensure that the student is left with a thorough understanding of multi-crew airline operations coupled with the jet handling skills required to commence an airline type rating.

What’s Included?

  • 30 hours (5 days) of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction, including Airline Oriented Training

  • 20 hours of briefing and de-briefing before and after simulator training sessions

  • 40 hours (10 days) of type-specific flight simulator training, with pass/fail Final Assessment

  • Online access to all training materials and manuals, including digital flight deck posters

  • Use of self-study facilities, including FMC trainers and full-size flight deck mock-ups

  • SOPs handbook for you to keep

  • Competency Assurance

  • If you book using FDF’s exclusive discount code, you’ll receive our Airline Interview Question Database free of charge!

Reasons to choose VA Airline Training ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC

We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to Multi Crew Co-operation courses, but it’s vital that your introduction to a multi-crew environment and commercial jet operations be to the highest possible standard.

VA Airline Training have been industry leaders in the development of the next generation of multi-crew courses with the Airline Ready APS MCC being the very first APS MCC course to receive certification from EASA. With a team of industry leading instructors, you’ll be meticulously trained in executing airline SOPs, utilising aircraft management techniques, learning about system operations and flying normal and non-normal flight profiles whilst developing your non-technical skills to a very high standard.

Here’s a few more reasons to choose the VA Airline Training ‘Airline Ready’ APS MCC course:

  • Both their A320 and B737 NG simulators are some of the most advanced of their type in the United Kingdom
  • It’s a course that has been purpose written to ensure that is based on the most up-to-date airline practices and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • The simulators have genuine Airbus & Boeing flight dynamics packages which ensures the aircraft feels almost identical to flying the real thing
  • The instructors have extensive operational and instructional experience coupled with the enthusiasm required to ensure you get the best out of your training
  • The course supports you in developing the multi-crew skills required for modern commercial airline operations whilst becoming familiar with a high performance jet aircraft

Get an Airline Job!

VA have trained over 400 pilots on their APS MCC course. Over 85% of course graduates go on to pass the pilot selection process with an airline. VA students have gone on to secure jobs with Wizz Air, Jet2, easyJet, TUI, Iberia, Loganair, DHL, Air Baltic, Aer Lingus and Air Tanker.