What’s the Longest Commercial Flight?

What‘s the World’s Longest Passenger Flight?

Given the nature of commercial flight operations, new routes are continuously being evaluated and introduced, therefore the answer does continue to vary.

The current longest non-stop scheduled route is an Emirates A380 operated service from Dubai to Auckland, consisting of 14,200km with a flight time of 17 hours 15 minutes. However on the 2nd February 2017, Qatar Airways will trump this, with flights from Qatar to Auckland at a distance of 14,536km.

Qantas has announced it will begin non-stop flights between Perth and London Heathrow from March 2018.  The 14,498 kilometre route will be the first scheduled passenger service to directly link Australia and Europe, and will be operated by Qantas’s new 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

Up until recently longest commercial airline flight was from Dallas Fort Worth (United States) to Sydney Australia with a total distance of 8,568 miles or 13,790 kilometres. This is operated by Qantas on their Airbus 380 aircraft.

Another one of the longest commercial flight is flown by Delta Airline on the Boeing 777-200LR from Atlanta (United States) to Johannesburg (South Africa). This consists of a distance of 13,572 kilometres or 8,433 miles.

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