British Airways subsidiary operates to wrong airport

WDL Aviation ‘filed wrong flight plan’

The wet-lease flight which landed in Edinburgh instead of its scheduled destination of Dusseldorf has attracted considerable media coverage. The aircraft – a 96-seat BAE-146 regional jet – was operated by German charter operator WDL Aviation on behalf of BA CityFlyer. WDL filed the wrong flight plan with the authorities, which the flight crew then followed as per their procedures. After safely landing at EDI, it took off again and flew customers on to Dusseldorf.

BA have responded with the following statement: “We are working with WDL Aviation, who operated this flight on behalf of British Airways, to establish why the incorrect flight plan was filed. We have apologised to customers for this interruption to their journey and will be contacting them all individually.”

Ryanair jibe backfires

A number of media outlets report how a Ryanair twitter jibe against us backfired. The Irish airline posted a picture of a book called ‘Geography for Dummies’ after our wet-lease flight landed in Edinburgh instead of its scheduled destination of Dusseldorf. The mix-up occurred when German operator WDL filed an incorrect flight plan. But the Ryanair tweet prompted dozens of social media users to remind the airline of its own failings. One user wrote: “You need to borrow the whole series mate, starting with ‘getting off the ground for dummies’ / ‘how not to strand your customers for dummies’.”