Cadet Pilot Interview Questions

Cadet Pilot Interview Questions

For MPL/Cadet & Flight School Applicants

If you are an experienced or low hour pilot looking for interview questions, we have a specific database for you here.

Updated September 2019

Our Cadet Pilot Interview Question Database has helped hundreds of aspiring pilots successfully pass flight training school and mentored airline pilot cadet program interviews. With intense competition for places on airline pilot cadet programs, it’s essential that you are thoroughly prepared for your selection day. You need to put in hours of work before hand, to ensure that you stand out from the rest.

Once of the most important areas that is assessed is the competency based interview. You can expect a multitude of HR/Competency questions as well as a basic level of technical questioning. If you’ve not had the opportunity to practice these questions before hand, it can be very difficult to think of an answer on the spot and under pressure.

Our Cadet Pilot Interview Question Bank has been built using questions from cadet programs and integrated flight training organisations across the globe. It consists of over 350 questions including both competency and technical based.

This database contains questions often asked in the selection process for integrated flight training courses such as:

  • FTEJerez
  • L3 Aviation Academy
  • CAE Oxford Aviation
  • Airways Aviation
  • FTA

The interview questions are also representative of those used at MPL & mentored cadet pilot program interviews at airlines such as:

  • easyJet MPL
  • Monarch Integrated Program
  • Flybe Cadet Program
  • Aer Lingus MPL Program
  • BA FPP
  • Wizz Air Cadet Program
  • Air Asia Cadet Program
  • Cathay Pacific Second Officer Program
  • Thomson Airways
  • Thomas Cook Integrated Course
  • Emirates Cadet Program
  • Qatar Airways Cadet Program
  • Virgin Atlantic MPL Program

Examples of the types of interview questions are as follows (HR/Competency & Technical):

  • Give an example of when you have demonstrated strong leadership skills?
  • When have you worked well within a team?
  • How do you deal with conflict?
  • Tell us about a time when you’ve under achieved?
  • How does an aircraft fly?
  • How many planes do easyJet have?
  • How do jet engines work?
  • What engines do we have on our B737 fleet?

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Not only do we have a single source of the interview questions, both online and in PDF version, we also have a number of interactive example interviews for you to practice with in real time. Some of the practice interviews that you will find in our exclusive members only area, are specifically designed for flight school and airline cadet program applicants. See an example of these practice interviews below:

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