Carney blamed for slump in pound   

The UK press wrote that Mark Carney, The Governor of the Bank of England, gloomy predictions about Brexit were yesterday held responsible for a drop in the pound that has upped the cost of foreign holidays.

He warned that Britain faced an ‘uncomfortably high’ risk of a no-deal Brexit, which he said would lead to higher prices. Meanwhile, the papers report on ‘a far more optimistic assessment of Brexit’, from Willie Walsh.

He was ‘sanguine’ about the effect of no deal on aviation and said he was ‘confident’ that a comprehensive transport agreement with the EU would be agreed during the transition period as he dismissed talk of aircraft being grounded; “It’s going to happen, Brexit is inevitable. The timing of it is clearly the subject of some debate with the transition. Aviation will continue to function. There are some issues that we will need to deal with but it’s not rocket science. We’ve dealt with these issues before and I’m confident that a comprehensive transport agreement will be agreed between the UK and EU. The idea that airspace will be closed transiting a country, that’s not going to happen. I’m not concerned.”   

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