Drunk air passenger arrests up 50 per cent in the UK

A Panorama investigation has revealed that arrests of passengers suspected of being drunk at UK airports and on flights have risen by 50 per cent in a year.

A total of 387 people were arrested between February 2016 and February 2017 – up from 255 the previous year.

Meanwhile more than half of cabin crew who responded to a survey said they had witnessed disruptive drunken passenger behaviour at UK airports.

The Home Office is ‘considering’ calls for tougher rules on alcohol.

Airlines UK, which represents carriers such as Virgin, British Airways and easyJet, wants the government to amend the law to make consumption of a passenger’s own alcohol on board an aircraft a criminal offence.

Ryanair has gone one step further and wants UK airports to take responsibility and limit passengers to two drinks per person at the airport. They also want a total ban on alcohol before 10am. Unfortunately some would say Ryanair may have ulterior motives as they may want to maximise profits onboard, whilst airports of course want to maximise profits for their retail outlets.

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