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Request for Application from Pilots of Airbus A330 on contract basis (1st date of publication: 2nd March, 2020)

Nepal Airlines Corporation invites application from competent and eligible TRE/TRI and Line Captains of Airbus A330 on contractual basis.
The interested individuals are requested to submit their applications along with CV and documents of eligibility within 15 days from the first day of publication of this notice addressed to the following:

Human Resources Department
Nepal Airlines Corporation
Newroad, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: / Phone: 977-1-4220757

The details about qualification and requirement are as follows:

Requiring A330 Rated TRI / TRE’s and Line Captains


The detail qualification and requirement for the Pilots are as follows:

Have validA330 Left/Right Seat type rated course completed to satisfaction from designated TRTO and rating endorsed on ICAO/EASA/FAA license.

Have class 1 medical from same Civil Aviation Authority as of License issuance. Passport valid for at least six months.

Have all the trainings and proficiency checks as required by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal valid at the time of induction to Nepal Airlines including but not limiting to :

Pilot Proficiency Check
Refresher training (ground and Sim) CRM
Emergency Procedures
Low Visibility Procedures (CAT II, CATIII) Computer Based Training (systems) RVSM

Pass Simulator/Line check with company check airmen and/or CAAN. ICAO/EASA/FAA English Level IV Certificate or higher.
Meet the following fleet specific Requirements:

A330 Fleet:

Minimum Requirementspage2image14551104



  •   Total Flight experience of 5000 Hours
  •   Minimum 2000 Hours PIC on A330 series Aircraft
  •   Minimum 500 Hours Instructional Experience on A330 Type
  •   Flight on A330 within last 12 months

Line Captain


  •   Total Flight experience of 4000 Hours
  •   Minimum 1000 Hours PIC on A330 series Aircraft
  •   Flight on A330 within last 12 months

Other Information:

  •   The initial contract will be for a minimum period of one year and may be extended as per requirement.
  •   The appointment is subject to approval from concerned authorities of Nepal.
  •   Selected individuals will be contacted through email.
  •   The Corporation reserves the right to accept/reject any application.

Applications are via email to the following addresses: