Azores Airlines (Sata) A320 Rated First Officers

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SATA, the first Portuguese airline, founded in 1941, every day seeks to bring the world to the Azores and the Azores to the rest of the World. With an aeronautical know-how of more than sixty years of flights over the Atlantic, more than 1,200 workers participate, with commitment and professionalism, in fulfilling and developing this mission.

They aspire to the best professionals whose skills – personal and technical – are an asset for the continued reputation of SATA as an Azores reference Company that, based on the values of Reliability, Innovation and Friendliness, asserts itself in the world of international aviation and conquers, gradually and consistently, its market share and brand awareness.

If you are interested in joining their team, please complete the application form and attach the required documentation.

Minimum requirements for pilots are an A320 type rating, we don’t have any further information, although we have asked and will post when we have an update.

Applications are online with a CV and there is a facility to attach a cover letter.