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Job Description

Cabin Crew-Gatwick Fleet

We, British Airways make it all happen.  First trips, holidays of a lifetime, business meetings and weekends away.  And our Cabin Crew all share a common purpose to deliver exemplary service, every day, on every flight and to every customer.

Our customers deservedly have high expectations, and as ambassadors of a truly iconic British Brand, our Cabin Crew instinctively know what the customer needs, often before they do.

The role requires dedication, resilience and an unwavering commitment to service. You will embrace change, and be able to demonstrate adaptability, and enthusiasm that will ensure British Airways best years lie ahead of us.

As a business we are in the period of significant change; we are introducing new systems, new aircraft and new ways of working. We are adopting new technology to help improve the service we offer, from the customer’s smartphone, through the airport experience and into the air, and it won’t stop here. We want people that can drive new initiatives, challenge the status quo, and feel empowered to be the best that they can be.

We foster a culture of high performance which will enable you to develop your personal, and professional skills at the same time as travelling across the globe.

As you progress, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a variety of areas, take control of your career path, and be recognised and rewarded for your hard work and commitment.


As a member of our Gatwick Fleet Cabin Crew, you’ll have the potential to earn on average a reward package of between £20,500 and £22,000 per annum, potentially increasing to £23,500 in conjunction with corporate pay initiatives. This includes a starting salary of £13,156 and an hourly payment when you are flying, performance related annual increments and commission for in-flight retail sales. Annual leave starting at 28 days per year rising to 34 days per year.

Please note: candidates in possession of a valid EASA Cabin Crew Attestation should apply via our Cabin Crew with attestation campaign. For further information about this please visit the FAQ section of the Cabin Crew page on our careers site.

What Key Skills are required for a successful career as Cabin Crew?

These actions that make others feel welcomed, valued, informed and listened to – the most important ways to create good relationships, build trust and keep our customers coming back even when things go wrong.

Passion for delivering exceptional customer service

Delivering exceptional service to every customer, on every flight and every day

Hard working

The work is hard and the hours long but the rewards are many


Some days are tough, really tough and you will never experience jet lag like it, but no matter what, when you put on the uniform, you are red, white and blue, inside and out.


Someone who instinctively understands the needs of the customer before they do

Open to change and innovation

The aviation industry is on the cusp of unprecedented change, with a raft of new

technologies, multiple initiatives and new aircraft, our cabin crew drive much of the change and are always happy to embrace innovation

A problem solver, a nurse, a nanny, a firefighter, a friendly ear, travel guide and super human….

Principal Accountabilities

  •   To ensure operational safety, security and health and safety responsibilities are performed to the highest standards and are compliant with EASA, British Airways requirements and all other relevant legislation
  •   Maintain safety compliance at all times with Safety & Equipment Procedures (recency) training
  •   Deliver world-class service excellence in line with our service standards and behaviours
  •   To ensure compliance with all corporate policies and procedures in accordance withrelevant legislation
  •   To act as a British Airways role model to crew, colleagues and customers adhering toour uniform standards
  •   To build effective working relationships with colleagues and service partners to workas one team
  •   To deliver the crew objectives set by the business and a personal development plan,developing self-awareness through 360 feedback

Person Specification

Skills (Practised capability/behaviour)

Qualifications (Essential or desirable)

  •   You appreciate why the safety and security of our customers is so important for British Airways
  •   You are passionate about delivering service excellence every time
  •   You genuinely enjoy customer interactions and place the customer at the heart of everything you do
  •   To be aged 18 or over at time of application
  •   Fluent in both spoken and written English
  •   Previous customer service experience, especially in the hospitality and travel industry (Desirable)
  •   Hold a valid passport (with minimum of 12 months before expiry date) with the unrestricted right to live and work


Job Profile

  •   You are able to confidently deal with challenging and difficult circumstances and remain resilient throughout
  •   You show respect and understanding for different cultures and backgrounds and you treat everyone as individuals
  •   You are able to build relationships with all your colleagues in a professional way in order to deliver excellent customer service
  •   You are an effective communicator and you are able to deliver difficult messages with confidence
  •   You understand the need to follow rules however you are able to be flexible depending on the situational needs
  •   You proactively seek solutions and take personal responsibility for resolving problems
  •   You are able to learn new information easily and quickly apply it correctly
  •   You always demonstrate a positive‘can do’ attitude
  •   You appreciate the need to work in atimely fashion and appreciate the needfor punctuality
  •   You uphold high personal andprofessional standards
  •   You demonstrate pride andknowledge of the British Airways brand and understanding of the business strategy


  •   You will need to be able to acquire aUS Visa
  •   To undergo a Criminal Record Checkfor all countries of residence for six months or more in the previous five years and be able to provide satisfactory references for the last five years
  •   Ability to obtain and retain an airside pass
  •   Be willing and able to work shifts covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your entire career
  •   Be willing and able to spend periods of time away from home and conduct stand-by duties in the proximity of your airport base
  •   To wear the British Airways uniform to the required standard with no visible tattoos or body piercings. Tattoos or body piercings must never be visible on the body or through uniform clothing and MUST be able to be covered. Only tattoos that can be reasonably covered up are permitted. Plasters and bandages must not be used
  •   To undertake training to obtain an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA) (which will be arranged for you as part of the assessment process for the role)

Physical Criteria

  •   To be medically and physically fit to meet regulatory and role requirements (if successful, you will be required to attend BA Health Service Medical Assessment)
  •   To be the required height, between 1.575m (5’2”) and 1.85m (6’1”) with weight in proportion to your height and a vertical function reach of at least 2.01m (6’7”)
  •   Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Be able to kneel astride a person within the space restriction of 46cm (18”), apply pressure through both arms to a depth of 5-6 cm (2.5”), for 30 compressions for a period of 2 minutes minimum
  •   You are able to lift a weight of 9kg (20lb) from a height of 195cm (78”), this is the equivalent of lifting a medical kit from and aircraft overhead locker
  •   You are able to tread water whilst fitting a lifejacket and pull your own bodyweight out of the water and into a life raft using the hand holds on the side of the raft

Job Profile:

  •   You are able to pull a fully laden trolley weighing up to 86kg (13.5st) and on an incline of up to 3 degrees
  •   You are able to fit into an aircraft jump seat harness without a seatbelt extension
  •   Stand in an area 51cm x 51cm (20” by 20”) and not impede the route past you, this is toenable a rapid aircraft evacuation
  •   You are able to swim 50m (55 yards) followed by treading water for 3 minutes and beable to assist people in water
  •   You are able to lift a weight up to 28kg (4st). This is so that you are able to lift anemergency overwing window and quickly exit the aircraft
  •   You feel confident working with heights e.g. you need to be able to descend an aircraftescape slide 9 metres above the ground (Please refer to the LGW FAQ’S for furtherinformation)
  •   You are able to stay calm and deal with emergencies and take control of people whenrequired
  •   You feel confident in carrying out all safety and emergency procedures on board
  •   To be prepared to remove any headwear in the event of an emergency in order to beable to pull on an emergency smoke hood in the required time
  •   European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations require that all current or formercabin crew inform us if they hold or if they have held an attestation from any Member State (i.e. a country covered by EASA) in the last 5 years

British Airways Plan4 Behaviours – FSLT


Clear on what needs to be achieved, brave enough to try new things and make decisions quickly to ensure we can deliver what we commit to.


Innovate and constantly seek improvements through understanding our customers and the market in which we operate, sharing knowledge and embracing digital solutions to beat the competition.


Question the value of what we do, aim to reduce complexity and are always cost conscious to ensure we can reinvest where it matters most.


Together we will achieve our vision; because together we are British Airways.

Some roles may require further proficiency in one or more of the behaviours.

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