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China Express Airlines CRJ200/700/900 TR Captains Wanted

Company: China Express Airline (China)

Agency: Asia Pacific Aviation Services

Contract Period: 2 years renewable

Position: Captain CRJ200/700/900(on-type)

Salary: US$163k-213k / year + overtime (depending on day-off program)

Day Off Programs: 2 options available (local contract & month on/off)

Minimum Requirements: 

· Valid ATPL on type (FAA, Canadian or Western European EASA licenses)

· Minimum 500 PIC hours on CRJ200/700/900

· Last flight within 12months

* Medical: Class A / Class one

* Minimum ICAO level 4 English Proficiency

* Age: over 30 and under 55 years old is preferable[/list][/list]

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