Commutair Non-Rated First Officers

Commutair have just announced a MOA with United for an additional 21 aircraft – tripling the current fleet.

They are promising rapid grown = rapid upgrades for First Officers.

Minimum Requirements:

(NOTE: Candidates may apply and interview if they are within 6 months of meeting the minimum qualifications)

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Meet ATP or R-ATP Aeronautical Experience Minimums
  • Instrument current- logged 20 hours of flight time in the past six months
  • 30 hours of multi-engine fixed wing experience- actual flight time not sim. Will be able to credit additional required hours in CommutAir training.
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
  • Valid Passport or E-3 Visa
  • Able to travel internationally without restriction

Salary and Benefits:

Up to $74000 a year including:

  • $36500 – basic pay
  • $22100 – sign on bonus
  • $6800 – benefits and performance bonus
  • $4400 – per diem (average)
  • $4250 – hotels, parking, uniform
  • Up To $2,000 Referral Bonus – Paid to any CommutAir employee who recommends a pilot candidate that interviews and begins new hire Pilot Training.
  • Industry Leading Commuter Benefits – Skip the crash pads with CommutAir right after reserve. We offer 4 company-paid hotel rooms per month to all registered commuter pilots in addition to our unlimited “make a good effort to get to work” commuter policy.
  • Out of Base Parking – Commuting CommutAir pilots are reimbursed for parking at their home airport.
  • Preferential Bidding System – CommutAir utilizes the NavTech (PBS) Preferential Bidding System for all crew bidding which helps you customize your bid according to your individual needs, based on the trips available at your seniority level.
  • No-Cost CTP Course – If you need it, we will provide it; travel, lodging, course fee and FAA exam fee.
  • EWR and IAD – Our crew bases are easy to reach with direct flights from most major airports in the country.

Applications are online