Corsair B747 Rated First Officers

Corsair B747 Rated First Officers

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Translated from French:

CORSAIR, a regular French airline, is seeking as part of its development of qualified OPLs on Boeing 747-400.

In order to support its transition to an Airbus A330 single fleet, by 2021 we are offering OPL CDIs with temporary assignment on sector B747-400 until the end of the B747. Then, the Company will organize the passage on the A330, by proposing QT, to allow the passage into a single fleet of A330 aircraft.

Positioning of the position: Attachment to the department head of the PNT department

Main activities:

The Officiers Pilotes de ligne during a flight is placed under the responsibility of the captain. He is in charge of performing the navigation and telecommunication control functions on the aircraft on which he is qualified in accordance with the official manuals of the company.

Training and prerequisites:

  • ATPL complete EASA or CPL / IR EASA with theoretical ATPL (frozen ATPL).
  • A valid B747-400 qualification is required as well as 300 hours of flight on the type over the last 6 months.
  • Required flight hours -2500 flying hours on a CS25 aircraft -1000 hours of flight on a reactor
  • Languages -English level 4 minimum ICAO English language proficiency -For non-French speaking candidates a minimum level 4 in French is required

CORSAIR is part of the fight against all types of discrimination. Please send your CV along with a letter of motivation by email to:

For the pilots selected at the end of these sendings the dates of selections will be proposed.