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Position/Title: Captain

Reports to: Chief Pilot

Location: Remote (Home based)

A. Overview

At Eastern Airlines curiosity and excitement for growth go a long way. In fact, Eastern Airlines was launched by seekers, adventurers and above all fliers. Our rich legacy and pioneering spirit are still evident in our team today.

Our open-hearted attitude, respect for the people we fly and our attention to detail is what sets Eastern Airlines apart from its competitors. Natural curiosity and hunger for wonder are behaviors that make our employees successful.

This summary provides a listing of the knowledge, skills and abilities that are critical components of the position for Captain.

B. General

This is a position currently with a minimum guarantee of seventy (70) hours per month that will report to the Chief Pilot. The successful candidate will be type rated on multi-engine aircraft, preference will be given to those typed on the B-767/757, and possess a first-class medical certificate. . The successful individual must be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of all relevant Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s). Good communication skills are required, and you must be able to exhibit the values and culture of the company while working with other team members and customers in a fast paced/dynamic environment.

C. Duties and Responsibilities


· The Captain will have command of, and the responsibility for, the flight crew, passengers, cargo, the safe conduct of the flight, and provide guidance and coordinate the activities of every individual connected with all phases of the aircraft operation. They are expected to adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and will evaluate input from all crew members when making critical decisions.

· Eastern Airlines promotes the exercise of crew resource management. Specifically, although the Captain is the final authority while onboard the aircraft, the First Officer is encouraged to voice any concerns regarding the Captain’s decisions. With respect to flight safety matters, the first officer will continue voicing concerns until satisfied that the safety of a flight is no longer in question.

· The Captain reports to the Chief Pilot, indirectly to the Director of Operations, and maintains a high level of knowledge of FAA Regulations, Company Manuals, OpSpecs, aircraft flight manuals, and other duty- based instructions. The Captain’s duties and responsibilities are:

· He/she retains the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft.

· Direct the activities of the First Officer ensuring flight crewmembers understand fully and completely what duties they are expected to perform.

· Ensure the assigned aircraft is airworthy and all proper documents are on board the aircraft.

· Make decisions as necessary to the start, delay or initiate the cancellation of the flight, or deviation from a planned destination when operating conditions dictate.

· Ensure the proper amount and grade of fuel is loaded onto the aircraft.

· Obtain a briefing on the purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures, any special instructions, and coordinates flight assignments.

· Provide immediate notification to the SOC of any deviation from flight plan, including:

§ A detailed description of the deviation including date, time, location, aircraft number, Captain name, etc.

§ The reason(s) for the deviation.

· Conduct thorough review of the flight plan, considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, airport facilities and navigational aids.

· Ensure weather and aircraft performance conditions can be met appropriate to the CFR under which the flight is being conducted.

· Ensure the flight plan or other authorized flight locating procedure is followed on each flight.

· Ensure the aircraft weight and balance form / manifest is properly completed, signed and distributed.

· Report all known or suspected FAA violations or incidents promptly to the Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, or designee.

· Maintain a current First-Class medical certificate and notify the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, or designee, if a medical (physical or mental) condition impairs his / her ability to perform the flight.

· Ensure the VHF Omni directional Range (VOR) checks and other aircraft equipment are performed properly.

· Ensure crewmembers provide all passengers with the appropriate briefing for each phase of flight.

· Ensure required equipment plus provisions for passenger comfort are aboard and that all cargo is properly secured.

· Ensure the preparation of flight logs, reporting of mechanical irregularities, and the recording of maintenance by maintenance personnel when maintenance is performed.

· Ensure all maintenance write-ups are passed to the maintenance personnel and maintenance is alerted to the current status of the aircraft.

· Determine the applicability of the regulations to each flight.

· Ensure that all required Aircraft and Pilot manuals are available and updated to current revision (hardcopy or EFB).

· Determine the flight crew are adequately rested and in proper dress.

· Ensure the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all aircraft stores and appropriate provisions on board for the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

· Operate aircraft at favorable altitudes taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements, and comfort of passengers during flight.

· At the end of each flight-day, pilots will either enter flight- and duty- time into the Company’s computer tracking system or will call the Aircraft Dispatcher for assistance to enter times.

· Maintains radio or telephone contact with the SOC frequently enough during the course of a flight to ensure operational messages are promptly conveyed between the flight crew and the base.

· The Captain may delegate functions to other personnel but doing so will not delegate the responsibility for those functions.

D. Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications:

· ATP License

· FAA first class medical (or able to obtain one before training)

· Valid driver’s license

· Impeccable safety and training record

Preferred Qualifications:

· NAT, PAC RIM, ETOPS, B-767 FAR 121 PIC experience.

· CRM experience

Most successful applicants exceed these minimums.

In addition,

· Ability to multitask and work under pressure in a dynamic environment;

· Bids works schedule by seniority (days, swings, or midnight shifts, holidays);

· Travel will be required;

· Pass drug and alcohol background checks, pre-employment DOT drug test, and criminal
history records check (CHRC);

· Must possess a valid passport;

· Eligible to work in the United States.

Eastern Airlines offers a comprehensive benefits package, competitive salary, quality of life schedule, and an excellent work environment.

Eastern Airlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $164.00 /hour


  • Drivers License (Required)
  • First Class Medical (Required)
  • Valid Passport (Required)
  • ATP (Required)

Required travel:

  • 100% (Required)


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Other

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented — quality and precision-focused
  • Outcome-oriented — results-focused with strong performance culture
  • Team-oriented — cooperative and collaborative

This Job Is:

  • A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply


  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends required
  • Holidays required
  • Day shift
  • Night shift
  • Overtime
  • On call

Company’s website:

  • http://www.goeasternair.com

Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply
  • Only full-time employees eligible

Work Remotely:

  • No
Applications are via LinkedIn.

To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.