Ethiopian Airlines B757/B767/B777/B787/B737/A350 Rated Captains

Ethiopian Airlines B757/B767/B777/B787/B737/A350 Rated Captains

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Ethiopian Airlines recruit Rated Captains for all their aircraft types. 

Ethiopian Airlines is the leading African airline. It is one of the largest airlines of the Continent. A member of the Star Alliance, the airline is owned by the Ethiopian Government.

The airline based in the city of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. According to Wikipedia, it is recognized as one of the most reliable and profitable airlines of the Third World. For the operation year 2013-14, Ethiopian Airlines was ranked the most profitable airline in Africa and 18th most profitable airline in the world with a profit of $228 million.

Ethiopian Airlines has made Addis Ababa a major gateway linking Europe to Africa and Asia. As of September 2014, the passenger network comprises 83 international destinations and 20 domestic ones, including 49 cities in Africa (excluding Ethiopia), 13 in Europe and the Americas and 21 in the Middle East and Asia Its cargo network serves 24 destinations, including 15 in Africa, seven in the Middle East and Asia and two in Europe.

Ethiopian serves more destinations in Africa than any other airline. As of April 2013, the carrier’s five densest routes were Addis Ababa–Dubai, Addis Ababa–Johannesburg, Addis Ababa–Guangzhou, Addis Ababa–Nairobi and Addis Ababa–Beijing.

The airline operates a very modern fleet of aircraft. Its fleet encompasses nineteen B737 NG (with twenty B737 MAX 8 on order and options on fifteen more)), four B757 and ten B767 (to be phased out in the coming years), eight B777 (two more on order), ten B787 (with three more on order and options on two more) and finally seventeen Dash 8 Q400. It also has fourteen A350 on order.

It also operates a modest cargo fleet counting nine aircraft, a mix of B737 EFIS, B757, B777 and MD-11.

While offering more modest remuneration than the Chinese expat pilot labor market, Ethiopian offers long term employment for pilots above the age 55 age limit of the Chinese labor market. It offers also an opportunity to fly topnotch ultra modern aircraft

Qualifications and experience requirements:

Position: Command Captain for various types

Location: Addis Ababa

Age: Not more than 60 years old


  • Must hold a current and valid JAA/FAA or ICAO ATPL
  • A current type rating
  • Valid Class 1 medical certificate
  • ICAO English level 4 or above

Minimum Flight time:

  • 3500 hours jet time
  • 2500 hours Pilot in command on jet aircraft
  • Command time in excess of 500 hours on type

Documents: Applicants are required to send their CV along with scanned copy of their substantial documents including but not limited to valid Medical Certificate, valid ATPL, log book copy that can show total flight hours ,license authentication letter from the respective country’s Civil Aviation Authority

Applicants must be current and qualified i.e. within three months of their last proficiency check. They must have two years valid passport, current and valid medical, no history of accidents or incidents and must have excellent standard of English language.

The Application Process:

The application process entails the following steps:

• Initial evaluation based on candidate resume and documents leading to screening invitation
• Screening in Addis Ababa including simulator evaluation and medical examination (AeroPersonnel provides screening guidelines to prepare for the screening)
• Upon acceptance for employment, work visa documentation process including non-criminal activity report, licence validation and background check.

Applications via link online.

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