Jetstar Japan A320 Rated and Non-Rated Contract First Officers

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A-320 First Officers required for Jetstar Japan for permanent contracts with commuting roster

We are delighted to announce that our existing client Jetstar Japan is recruiting through Brookfield Aviation international A-320 First Officers to join their fleet and be part of their rapid and outstanding expansion. The airline is currently operating 20 Airbus A320s and is considered the fastest growing LCC in Japan. So, this is a unique opportunity for qualified A-320 First Officers to join this recognised airline with an attractive offer and range of benefits.


  • Location: Japan
  • Airline: Jetstar Japan
  • Position: A-320 First Officers
  • Bases: Tokyo – Osaka
  • Contract: Permanent


The following benefits are paid in local currency (JPY) but are estimated here in USD (based on 1USD:100JPY) so, figures may be subject to change as per currency fluctuations.

  • Annual Base Salary: USD 85,200 or USD 7,100 per month
  • Annual Productivity Pay: USD 24,000 (Reference 960 hrs/year) or USD 2,000 per month (80hrs/month)
  • Total Potential annual Income (Excluding bonuses and allowances): USD 109,200
  • Estimated monthly salary with productivity pay (Excluding bonuses and allowances): USD 9,100 per month
  • Annual Bonus: Target at 10% (Subject to Jetstar Japan Incentive Plan)
  • Sign in bonus: USD 10,000 (Payable in 3 instalments)
  • Housing allowance: USD 1,550 per month
  • Commuting Roster available: ( 10 days OFF per month)
  • Commuting / ground transport allowance ( USD 1,000 per month)
  • Staff Travel: Provided through the airline network after 6 months of service
  • Loss of licence insurance provided
  • Government Social Insurance provided
  • Layover allowance: USD 50 in Japan / USD 40 outside Japan

Minimum Requirements:

  • Valid ATPL licence with A320 Rating
  • Type Rated Pilots: 2,000 hrs TT with 1,000 hrs on A320 family
  • Non-Type Rated Pilots: 3000 hours TT with 1000hrs jet time
  • 1,000 hrs on A320 family with an airline
  • Non-Type Rated Pilots: 3000 hours TT with 1000hrs jet time
  • Currency and last flight on A320 WITHIN 6 months
  • Min. 250 hrs PIC (or 180 hrs PIC under supervision and at least 70 hrs PIC) (Flexible requirement depending on general experience on A-320)
  • Valid Medical Class 1
  • ICAO English Level 4 or above

Qualified and interested candidates please send latest and full CV for review and further details to