Piedmont Airlines Non-Rated First Officers

Piedmont Airlines

Minimum Requirements:

* Must be FAA ATP Certified with a minimum of 1500 total time hours.
* Must be US Citizen
* Must hold FAA Pilot License, Medical
* Must hold FAA Professional Pilot License / Medical.
* Must be legally entitled to live and work in the USA.

Benefits and Salary:

Piedmont Airlines announced an increase in pilot pay to support the growing jet fleet. First Officers can now earn over $60,000 in their first year. New Piedmont pilots will earn over $21,000 in signing bonuses with previous 121 time and start at $38.80 hourly. Upgrade to captain in year two or sooner with Piedmont and flow to American in five years.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, Piedmont has direct, seniority-based flow to American Airlines with no interview required. Piedmont will expand its fleet in 2016 to include a minimum of 20 Embraer-145 jets. The airline currently runs Dash 8-100 and 300, but are now hiring directly into the jets.

They offer up to a $16,200 signing bonus to their new hire pilots with an additional $5,000 for previous 121 experience. Fleet Growth + Flow = Faster Upgrades to Captain. With the addition of regional jets, the expected upgrade time is currently 12-15 months; faster with previous 121 time.

First Officers starting pay is $38.80 per flight hour with 75 guaranteed minimum pay hours. Per diem is $1.70 per hour out of base.

Their Advanced Qualifications Training Program is conducted at the American Airlines Training Center in CLT. Training includes single room occupancy, full guarantee salary and half per diem. Piedmont pilots get 100% trip cancelation pay, as well as deadhead pay and relocation pay. They offer opportunities for 300% + premium pay for added flying on scheduled days off.

Their pilots are guaranteed a minimum 11 days off per month. Pilots receive 48 hours paid sick leave per year, 5 paid vacation days in year one, and 10 paid vacation days in year two.

Health insurance is low cost and covers doctors’ visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and vision. Dental coverage includes no cost preventative care. Family coverage is less than $300 per month. Life and disability insurance is provided at no cost by Piedmont Airlines. Supplemental insurance is available. Piedmont offers a 401(k) plan through Fidelity with a company match. New hires are eligible for travel benefits within three weeks. The program allows employee, spouse, domestic partner or registered companion, qualified children and step-children, parents or parents-in-law to receive unlimited free or reduced rate travel on all American Airlines flights.

Selected applicants will be scheduled for the next training class. First officers complete a home study program and then attend training for ground school and simulator training which lasts approximately six to eight weeks. While in training, new hires receive pay, per diem meal allowance (half rate) and hotel accommodations.

Crew bases include: Harrisburg, PA, Salisbury, MD, Roanoke, VA, and Philadelphia, PA.