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At Qazaq Air we employ knowledgeable, dynamic, innovative and highly motivated professionals capable of working in the fast-paced and highly challenging airline environment. We expect our employees to make a significant contribution to the success of the airline and have a willingness to learn and develop continuously.

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First Officer:

Skills, knowledge and experience

  • Aeronautical higher education (pilot-engineer).
  • Professional knowledge and experience meeting the requirements of the ICAO and the Civil Aviation Committee (hereinafter – CAC).
  • Availability of Airline Transport Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine qualification, or another foreign license recognized by the CAC.
  • English level – not lower than the 4th level (meeting the requirements of the ICAO).
  • Total flight experience – not less than 1000 hours.
  • First class medical certificate

Key accountabilities

  1. Support of the captain in the aircraft controlling

Performs administrative functions during the flight; Controls the maintenance of an appropriate level of discipline, behavior and appearance of the crew; ensures the safety of aircraft navigation, conducts constant and independent verification of the position of the aircraft relative to the geographical location and confirmation of the permission to land the aircraft in a safe area; In case of incapacitation  of the captain of the aircraft during the flight makes independent decisions in accordance with the flight operations manual to assist the captain and ensure safe flight

  1. Preflight inspection

Together with the Captain inspects external condition of the aircraft, checks technical journal of the aircraft, in case of detection of any discrepancies and shortcomings informs the captain in accordance with internal rules and procedures in order to control aircraft availability.

  1. Flight operation

Together with the Captain prepares the cockpit, assists in calculations taking into account weather conditions and the  flight strip surface conditions, if necessary in accordance with the company’s internal rules and procedures controls the aircraft to ensure safe flight

  1. Flight data recorder controlling

In accordance with the internal rules and procedures controls the proper functioning of the Flight data recorder to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Flight data recorder.

  1. Ensuring continuous radio surveillance

From the moment of occupying the workplace, during the whole flight and until the installation of chocks listens through the information sent by dispatcher and other aircrafts, responds to the incoming inquiries of the air traffic controller (ATC) within the framework of the rules for conducting the radio exchange in order to ensure continuous radio surveillance at the appropriate radio frequencies.

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