Low Hour Pilots

Low Hour Pilots

Maximise your chances of finding employment in a competitive market

At Flightdeckfriend.com we understand that for many, the hardest part of a pilots career is getting that first flying job. The European market is saturated with pilots and unfortunately there are more qualified pilots than jobs available. In this section we provide a guide on how to maximise your chances of gaining employment as a first officer.

In the year 2009-2010, 2611 professional flying licences were issued in the UK alone. This figure is roughly typical of recent yearly issues. During this period there was only very limited recruitment of low hour pilots, leaving many without a job. Therefore even when there is an upturn in recruitment, there is still a huge backlog of pilots viaing for that first job in the cockpit.

Although it can be a struggle, those who show persistence, dedication and the ability to think in a lateral manner will can be successful in finding employment. Even by visiting this site you are demonstrating a keenness to research and maximise your chances. Whilst concentrating on helping you get that first flying job, we look at other aspects important to low hour pilots, such as other aviation employment options and renewal/revalidation of your ME CPL/IR.

Ryanair 737-800 on approach

Low Hour Airlines

We take you through which airlines have traditionally recruited low hour pilots, and from which flight training backgrounds. This allows you to specifically target companies that have a previous history of accepting low hour applications.

Low Hour Pilot CV and Cover Letters

Make your application stand out from the crowd with our professional airline pilot CV and Cover Letter tailoring service. We tailor your documents specifically to the airline you are applying for, written to impress and get you the job. Have a look at our reviews!

Airline Briefing Packages

To give you the best chance of passing selection with specific airlines, we have compiled comprehensive briefings about individual airline selection days and interviews. We cover everything from the aptitude testing to the questions asked.

What is Crew Resource Management (CRM)?

Improving Your Job Prospects

There are many steps you can take to improve your employment prospects as a low hour pilot. We highlight what you can be doing to help secure your first flying job, from working as a dispatcher, cabin crew to flight operations control.