What are the yearly training requirements for airline pilots

Pilot Aptitude Test Practice

Through our pilot aptitude testing partners, Flightdeckfriend.com in collaboration with JobTestPrep, are now offering practice pilot aptitude tests for your airline assessment. The tests cover a wide range of aptitude focus areas such as spatial reasoning, verbal and numerical reasoning questions, group exercises and personality questionnaires.

Whether you’ve been tasked with completing the initial online screening or you have been invited to the airline’s assessment centre, JobTestPrep have a large range of numerical reasoning, capacity, memory and verbal tests for you to practice to ensure you pass your airline assessment at the first try.

To maximise your performance in this area, it’s vital that you practice before hand to ensure you are well prepared for these aptitude tests. Aptitude might be natural (to a degree) but it’s undoubtedly something that you need to practice to ensure your full potential is reached.

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