Pilot Career Hub

The Pilot Career Hub

Supporting you in getting your dream job

At FlightDeckFriend.com we aim to support you throughout your entire career. From deciding to become a pilot and making your first airline applciation all the way through to applying for a Training Captain or even a Pilot Management role, we are here to provide guidance and support.

The Pilot Career Hub is all about supporting you through the airline recruitment phase. We have a wealth of free guidance and support options to help you achieve this.

The Pilot Application Hub supports you in submitting your initial application to an airline. This includes both CV & Cover Letter support as well as online aptitude testing.

The Pilot Selection Hub is there to support you prepare for that all-important airline selection day. From group interviews to competency-based interviews and technical tests, we have the resources to support your success.

The Sim Assessment Hub offer free guidance on how to pass the simulator assessment stage and provides options to get hands on practice using a range of sim devices.