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Be as prepared as possible for your pilot assessment

Once you have secured an interview with an airline, the hardest part is done. By this point, the employer feels that you have the right attributes for the role and is simply looking for you to confirm this. With positions for flight deck crew at high profile airlines still receiving hundreds of applications for every position, it is essential to take full advantage of an interview opportunity through thorough preparation.

At we offer a number of interview briefing packages for specific airlines. Each individual package is unique, varying with the specific airline’s selection process. The airline briefing packs have had input from pilots who have attended and passed selection for that specific airline. These packages are based on information from either candidates that have been through the selection process or pilots within the company.

All briefing packages can be immediately downloaded in PDF formats once payment has been made. Payment is made via Sellfy through PayPal to ensure consumer protection. Should you wish to make a query please email us at [email protected].

Wizz Air Pilot Assessment Guide

Wizz Air Assessment Guide

Reviewed: February 2022

A comprehensive guide to the Wizz Air First Officer and Captain assessment day.

  • Technical Examination Questions (with written HR questions)
  • Technical Interview Questions
  • HR Interview Questions

Cathay Pacific Pilot Recruitment Information

Cathay Pacific Assessment Guide

Updated April 2017

A comprehensive guide to the Cathay Pacific Second Officer assessment day.

  • Comprehensive stage one and two briefing
  • HR Interview Questions
  • Technical Interview Questions
  • Overview of technical and aptitude tests
Emirates Pilot Assessment Guide

Emirates Assessment Guide

Updated October 2017

A  guide to the Emirates First Officer & Captain assessment day.

  • General overview of the process with hints and tips
  • Typical interview question asked (over 100 potential questions)
  • Group Exercise (various scenarios)
  • Simulator Assessment
  • Aptitude Tests
Flybe Pilot Assessment Guide

Flybe Assessment Guide

Updated September 2017

A  guide to the Flybe First Officer assessment day.

  • Common HR / Competency Interview Questions
  • Common Technical Interview Questions
  • Simulator assessment briefing – 20 page presentation Pilot Assessment Guide Assessment Guide

Updated October 2017

A comprehensive guide to the First Officer and Captain assessment day.

  • Detailed interview guide
  • Group exercise guide
  • Boeing 737 Simulator assessment guide
Ryanair Pilot Assessment Guide

Ryanair Airline Assessment Guide

Reviewed: February 2022 has produced an extensive 68 page PDF guide for Ryanair pilot selection process. The briefing is suitable for Cadet Pilots, Direct Entry First Officers and Direct Entry Captains.

The guide consists of the following:

  • Potential Assessment Overview
  • Online Interview Overview
  • B737NG Simulator Guide
  • Typical Interview Questions (200+ Technical & Competency) – Please note, suggested answers are not included.

Last reviewed February 2022.