Air Baltic Cadet Pilot Programme

Air Baltic are offering an ATPL training programme at their new training centre with a guaranteed job as a First Officer at Air Baltic on successful completion of the course.

Pilot Academy offers a full cycle training course to obtain the qualification and licence of an aviation transport pilot (ATPL), without requirements for previous experience or education in aviation. The training philosophy and execution focus on effective preparation of high performing professional pilots that comply with the workforce requirements of today and the future of the leading airlines globally. The full study process consists of three principal parts: initial theoretical training; theoretical training and practical flight training for obtaining an ATPL licence and the associated ratings.

Selection for the upcoming cadet group will start in January 2018. The theoretical classes for these cadets are set to start on March 5, 2018. After passing the theoretical knowledge examinations, the practical flight training will begin in May 2018. The exact duration of the programme depends on the cadet’s individual performance and the availability of the corresponding meteorological conditions, but the average duration of a full training cycle is estimated at 18 months.

For cadets who already have completed the initial parts of pilot training in other training organizations, separate courses will be offered in summer 2018. Such modular training process will involve the preparation of a custom study plan to cover the missing modules, ratings, and licences, and the total fee will be calculated individually.

GUARANTEED JOB Upon successful completion of the training the new pilot will receive a guaranteed job placement with airBaltic. Hence a stable income will be available that will provide the financial means for the study loan repayment. As experience increases the new First Officer will be able to progress along the pilot seniority ranks and gain experience that is required for a potential promotion towards the aircraft Captain position.

Duration – Approx 18 months

Applications are via email in English with the following attached:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter (recommended 200 words maximum)
  • Additionally please provide written responses to 2 questions (100 words maximum for each):
    • what are the main characteristics and qualities of an excellent pilot?
    • what I have done that makes me a good candidate?
  • High school statement of grades (including physics, math, English)
  • Results of the Centralised or equivalent exams if available
  • English knowledge certificate if available

Last Recruitment: July 2018
Recruitment anticipated: July 2018
Status: Open

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