AIS Pilot Recruitment

AIS Flight Academy

The Cadet Pilot Programme is a training to become a commercial pilot completed in approximately 22 months. After successfully completing the training, students will obtain a Frozen ATPL license and enables the students to start their career with AIS Airlines. The total training consists of the following phases:

  • Theoretical training
  • Practical training
  • Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) Course
  • Type rating B737 or BAe Jetstream 32

The training is divided into a theoretical and practical phase. The ATPL theoretical training is completed in 8 months and the practical training is completed in 14 months. Once you complete the theoretical phase with sufficient result you will receive an offer of employment and continue with your practical training and become a first officer for AIS Airlines. Please note that in order to qualify for our Cadet Pilot Programme, the applicant will need to have the right to work and life in the EU.

Last Recruitment: May 2017
Recruitment anticipated: Ongoing
Status: Open

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