Arctic University of Tromsø ATPL

The University of Tromsø are offering bachelor degree courses in aviation including a CPL, ATPL Credit and MCC. This is subsidised by the Norwegian government and the only fees the student has to pay is the CAA fees which are currently around NOK 30,000 (Approx $4000). It is a three year course and the following is required:

  • High School Diploma with Maths and Physics at Higher Levels (S1 + S2)
  • Capable of speaking and understanding Norwegian – the course is taught in Norwegian and if you speak one of the Scandinavian languages then that should be sufficient.

The website and further info is in Norwegian. It goes without saying in the current climate any part or fully sponsored course is pretty rare and the University take on 12 students per semester – so 24 every year. Applications close for these 2 semesters on the 1st of March and 1st September every year.

Last Recruitment: February 2018
Recruitment anticipated: Closing 1st March 2018
Status: Closed

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