easyJet Pilot Recruitment

easyJet Cadet Pilot Program

CTC in partnership with easyJet are offering MPL ATPL courses which a small amount of outstanding applicants will have the finance under-written by easyJet. On top of this outstanding female applicants may have the opportunity to have their finance for the programme under-written by easyJet as part of the ‘Amy Johnson Flying Initative’

For others that you may apply for a traditional integrated ATPL and there may be opportunities for you to be ‘upgraded’ to the MPL easyJet scheme and thus saving some money on training costs.

We at FlightDeckFriend.com do not necessarily agree with some of the large training costs applicants have to pay, but these opportunities above to have your finance under-written by easyJet shares some of the risk which is a step in the right direction.

Last Recruitment: April 2017
Recruitment anticipated: Open
Status: Open

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