Edelweiss A320 First Officers

Edelweiss Ab-Initio Cadet Programme

Edelweiss are recruiting for their ab-intio cadet programme at Swiss / Lufthansa Aviation training.

We understand the course is fully funded by Edelweiss. On successful completion of the course you will be offered a First Officer position with Edelweiss.

Minimum Requirements (translation from German):

* A completed Mittelschule / general university entrance qualification or at least three years of professional basic education with a Federal ability certificate (EFZ)

* 1 year professional experience / internship or study
* Age: 20 to 30 years

* Swiss citizen, establishment permit C or citizen of the EU-25 / EFTA with a proven reference to Switzerland
* Very good language skills in German (at least level C1), English (level B2) and French (level B1)

* Mature and loyal personality with social competences and leadership potential
* SPHAIR end-users are treated preferentially

* An applicant must have completed the basic service (Switzerland: recruiting school) or the civilian service (Switzerland: “long assignment”) at the time of the application.

* Must hold EASA Pilot Licence, Medical.
* Must be Swiss Citizen

Applications are in German and are online.

Last Recruitment: Sporadically since 2013
Recruitment anticipated: Unknown
Status: Closed

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