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GFT is in a unique position to offer you more than just a Commercial Licence. GFT has a plan that will see you begin your aviation career as a student pilot and transition into airline operations as our sister company is a Tier Three Carrier for Air Canada in addition to our Charter and Medevac operations.

GFT prepares pilots for the real world of aviation. GFT strategically located in Gander Newfoundland is well positioned as a flight training facility. GFT students experience four seasons.

This proves to be beneficial because students experience real world weather conditions and can avoid the label “sunshine pilots”. GFT is fortunate that its sister company EVAS Air is a seasoned Tier Three Carrier for Air Canada, operates a schedule cargo run, established in the charter and medical evacuation market.

Once you complete a Commercial Pilot License GFT will encourage you to become a Flight Instructor at GFT. Provided you illustrate the determination, hard work and drive to succeed and successfully complete the Instructor Rating at GFT you could become a part of the GFT Instructing team.

As a GFT Flight Instructor you will be paid to teach others while building your flight time and experience. As your experience level increases and First Officer Positions become available of one of our larger aircraft such as a Beech 1900D you will be eligible for these positions. GFT hires their students and Instructors before advertising outside.

If flight Instructing is not for you, then GFT will encourage you stay at GFT and become a flight Follower. This position will provide you with much experience with Airline Operations, specifically EVAS Air. Flight Followers are also a part of GFT’s Career Progression Program.

If none of the above suits your needs then rest assured, as a GFT student or former student you will be considered for an Airline Position before EVAS has to hire outside the company.

GFT has already promoted many people to these positions, you could be next.

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