Smart Lynx Cadet Pilot Program

SmartLynx Cadet Pilot Program

SmartLynx, through BAA Training, are recruiting for their airline Cadet Program. Successful applicants will commence their commercial flight training before going onto gaining employment with the airline operating the Airbus 320 as a First Officer.

The Cadet Program with SmartLynx Airlines, the European Union’s leading ACMI* and full charter provider on Airbus 320 aircraft, is open for the admission to join the next group!

Selected cadets will complete an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training course at BAA Training and will proceed with type rating course with SmartLynx.

Cadet Program is a great opportunity for individuals with no previous flying experience. The chance like this not only allows to get a Commercial Pilot Licence but also provides you with a letter of undertaking.

Great things come to those who don’t wait. Do you see yourself as a First Officer in the cockpit of A320 aircraft? Book your assessment and get ready to start the training!

ACMI* – Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance lease

SmartLynx Cadet program – EASA Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training course at BAA Training 72,000.00€. More about investment and funding.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Age 18 or over
  • Secondary Education or higher
  • Valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, and English is of key importance. During the assessment, the school and exam grades of these disciplines are evaluated additionally. A special skill assessment can be organised by the academy for those having low or no grades from their secondary school.
  • All candidates must go through special tests and interviews developed by the selection commission of the BAA Training and SmartLynx Airlines for social competence and aptitude assessment.

Applications are online.

Last Recruitment: May 2017
Recruitment anticipated: Sept 2018
Status: Open

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