Vietjet Air First Officer Cadet Programme

Vietjet are advertising for a cadet pilot programme. We post this advert with caution as we condone pay to fly schemes, we are currently unaware of the costs and what the contract is in terms of employment afterwards. However, they are advertising so we wanted to bring it to the attention of our FDF community.

If anyone finds out more information, then please let us know. It is unclear whether you require a 320 rating or whether they will put you through the rating with you bearing some / all of the cost.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Type rating certificate recognized by the CAAV

2. CPL certificate recognized by the CAAV

3. Frozen ATPL recognized by the CAAV

Document requirements:


Passport copy (with at least 1 year validity)

Criminal record

English proficiency certificate (ICAO level 4)

Medical certificate recognized by the CAAV

Training record (File attached)

Type rating certificate

Frozen ATPL

CPL with Total flight training time >200 hours

Logbook copy

IR certificate

MCC certificate

If you’re interested we suggest you contact them for more information.

Applications are online.

Last Recruitment: Ongoing 2017
Recruitment anticipated: At least until the end of 2017

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