Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has announced that he hopes to have a connectivity deal in place by the summer. The airline has been looking at operating transatlantic routes for a while itself, but has since given the impression this will not happen in the short to medium term due to lack of suitable aircraft available.

The deal would allow Ryanair passengers to connect onto transatlantic flights with either Aer Lingus or Norwegian and have baggage automatically transferred onto their connecting flight. Ryanair sees this as an opportunity to further expand and is targeting 200 million passengers a year by 2024 and with the uncertain outlook after Brexit and increased competition Ryanair is continuing to look at innovative ways to expand whilst not losing out on load factor and yields.

Ryanair’s average fare price has fallen last year and is expected to fall further in 2017 and EasyJet have announced similar issues saying their profit will be cut due to rising fuel costs and the value of sterling.