Ryanair signs deal with Spanish airline and is also accused of deliberately assigning middle seats to passengers who don’t pay reservation fee

Ryanair has signed a partnership with Air Europa to sell the Spanish airline’s long-haul flights on its website.

From last week, Ryanair customers can book Air Europa flights on 20 long-haul routes from Madrid to 16 countries in North, Central and South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and the US.

In a second phase of the partnership, to be launched later this year, Ryanair customers will be able to connect onto Air Europa long-haul flights through Madrid. 

In other Ryanair news they have been accused of deliberately assigning passengers who choose not to pay for reserved seating to middle seats – and separating couples and groups.

Recently, a couple were allocated seats in rows 8 and 32, despite more than 60 per cent of seats still being available for purchase. 

A spokesperson for Ryanair refuted the suggestion, saying: “Customers who do not wish to purchase a seat are randomly allocated a seat, free of charge. Customers can purchase their preferred allocated seat from just €2.

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