The Best Bits About Being An Airline Pilot?

The best things about being an Airline Pilot

What a career as an airline pilot can offer you…

Without a doubt, the job of a commercial airline pilot is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. For many, people get to go to work and do a job they love and wouldn’t swap for the world. It’s not all rosey, there’s plenty of negatives to the jobs like getting up at 3am or missing a loved one’s birthday because of a demanding roster, but at, we thing the benefits by far out weigh the disadvantages.

Here’s a list of the best bits about being a commercial airline pilot:

  • The Office View. Yes it’s cheesy and it’s probably been used as an interview answer thousands of times, but it’s true. Some of the finest views you’ll ever see are up at altitude. Whether it be lunar eclipse, the northern lights or a sunrise over the alps, the views are unbelievably spectacular.
  • The Responsibility. Being given the responsibility to look after a $100,000,000 aircraft with hundreds of people on board is huge and one of the reasons that pilots tend to be well paid. It’s immensely rewarding to be trusted to make decisions in the interests of the safety of the most precious cargo you can carry – people!
  • The Variation. No two flights are ever the same. Each day presents a new challenge and provides another opportunity to learn something new. Flying these days is portrayed in the media as being repetitive and mundane, and of course there are periods of low work load in the cruise, but there is always something new that comes up!
  • The Career Opportunities. A career as an airline pilot doesn’t just stop when you reach the level of Captain. There are pilot managers, pilot ground trainers, pilot simulator trainers, fleet managers, chief pilots, duty pilots. All require different skills and additional training.
  • The Travel. As an airline pilot, there’s plenty of opportunities to see new places all over the world. When you night stop somewhere, there’s usually time to explore, especially if you are a long haul pilot.
  • The Staff Travel. Most airline’s offer their staff some form of staff travel to you and your family. At the large flag carriers, you receive what is called an “ID90” ticket, that is you get a 90% discount off the fare. This means you can end up travelling business or first class across the globe for a few hundred pounds.