Opening Window Blinds for Takeoff

Why are passengers asked raise the window blinds for take off and landing?

A look at the reasons that the the cabin crew ask passengers to ensure the window shutters are up for some stages of flight

Why do I have to open the window blinds for take off and landing?

It’s probably not the comforting answer you were hoping for, but, it’s to be able to assess where the danger might be (for example an outside fire) if you are required to evacuate the aircraft in an emergency situation should something go wrong during take off or landing, which is statistically the most dangerous phase of flight. It allows the Cabin Crew to identify which emergency exits are suitable evacuate from should this be required.

By having the window blinds open, it also raises the passengers situational awareness. For example, if you as a passenger have seen there is a fire on the right side of the aircraft, you will be in a state of mind that you want to evacuate to the left.

This is particularly relevant if the Cabin Crew have become incapacitated and you are trying to evacuate the aircraft without assistance. It helps increase your overall “situational awareness” and chances of survival should the worst happen. Always make sure you have your shoes on for take-off and landing – being barefooted could seriously hamper your ability to evacuate the aircraft quickly. You should however, always remove high heels before going down an evacuation slide as you might tear it.