What’s the Longest Passenger Flight?

What is the World’s Longest Passenger Flight?

What is the World’s Longest Passenger Flight?

As of 2021, the World’s longest commercial passenger flight is a Singapore Airlines service from New York (Newark) to Singapore at a distance of 9,540 miles and taking anywhere from between 17 :30 to 19 hours. The route is flown by the state-of-the-art A350 aircraft.

In second place is a Qatar Airways B787 service from Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand at a distance of 14,536 km, taking in excess of 17 hours.

This is very closely followed by a Qantas Boeing 787 service from Perth in Australia to London in the United Kingdom at a distance of 14,498 km with a flight time of over 17 hours.

Other noteworthy routes include:

An Emirates A380 service from Dubai to Auckland, consisting of 14,200 km with a flight time of 17 hours 15 minutes.

Dallas Fort Worth (United States) to Sydney, Australia with a total distance of 8,568 miles or 13,790 kilometres. This is operated by Qantas on their Airbus 380 aircraft.

Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200LR from Atlanta (United States) to Johannesburg (South Africa). This consists of a distance of 13,572 kilometres or 8,433 miles.

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