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We can help you produce a quality online application to secure you an invitation for a pilot assessment

Online Application Support for Pilot Jobs

Most major airlines now use online applications for their initial screening of candidates. Running a recruitment process is a considerable cost to the airline, so they want to ensure that the candidates they invite to the face-to-face assessments are high quality and have a good chance of meeting the criteria.

To ensure the candidates are likely to be of sufficient calibre to be successful at the assessment, many airlines use a comprehensive online application process. The online application process serves to:

  • Ensure you meet the minimum requirements
  • Verify you have the required skills and qualities
  • Are highly motivated
  • Have sufficient aptitude
  • Demonstrate appropriate past behaviours as an indicator of future performance

What we can do for you…

Many airlines require specific essay style questions to be answered. These are typically around 300 words in length and might include questions such as:

  • Why do you want to work for SkyJet Airways?
  • What do you feel you can bring to the role at SkyJet Airways?
  • How do you feel you can enhance the customer service delivered as a First Officer?
  • What do you think makes an effective First Officer?
  • How can you contribute towards the airline having a commercial advantage over our competitors?

We are able to support you in tailoring a unique, professional and effective answer to such questions. Whilst all quotes are unique due to differing requirements, as a guide, a tailored answer to a typical 300 word question is priced at £79.99.

We will aim to acknowledge and review your request within 12 hours and return the completed questions (if requested by the client) within 5 working days. We can offer an express service if requested.