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Latest Cadet Pilot Progams

The Latest Airline MPL / ATPL Cadet Pilot Programs

Cadet Pilot Programs

Obtaining a pilot cadetship with an airline is the most secure way of completing your flight training. The majority of cadet pilot mentored schemes are self funded, but the training is completed having virtually secured your first airline job. This significantly reduces the risk of spending in excess of £100,000 on flight training, only to never secure a flying job. The risk is not completely mitigated as you must still perform to the high standard required by your airline throughout your flight training in order to secure the job, but it is without doubt, the best way to complete your commercial flight training.

This page lists the latest airline pilot MPL and ATPL programs & cadetships. These vary between full airline sponsorship (fully funded) and self-sponsored mentored schemes (self-funded).