Pilot Cover Letter Examples

Example Cover Letters for Pilots

Don’t let a poorly written Cover Letter hold back your application!

Example Pilot Cover Letters

When applying to an airline for a pilot position, you need to ensure your application contains a well written, highly specific Covering Letter that addresses the airline’s ethos and operation, matching them with your skills and attributes.

Whilst we offer a full Professional Pilot Cover Letter tailoring service, we appreciate this isn’t within everyone’s budget. Therefore, we have put together a set of example pilot cover letters for specific airlines which you can edit yourself. These Pilot Covering Letters have been specifically designed for both Low Hour and experienced First Officers to help increase the chances of your application being advanced to the next stage of selection.

Written By Experts

All the Cover Letters have been written by a current airline pilot with previous airline pilot recruitment experience and holds qualifications which specifically cover airline pilot recruitment.

Each Pilot Cover Letter (other than the generic one) considers the airline’s type of operation, fleet, ethos and history. This attention to detail demonstrates a few highly desirable attributes to a prospective employer such as:

  • You are highly motivated
  • You understand the airline’s operation
  • You have spent time researching the job you are applying for
  • You are prepared to invest time and energy into a high-quality application

“An investment in a high-quality Pilot Cover Letter is an investment in your future”

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*Important* – The example pilot cover letters are intended be used as a guide to demonstrate how to customise your cover letter professionally and the type of content to include. You should take the time to amend your cover letter to ensure it is unique and genuinely reflects your application. You should not submit the cover letter as part of the application without amending it to reflect your own beliefs and personal circumstances.

Please note that you will be given the option to automatically download a receipt after purchase. The actual document will be manually emailed to you shortly afterwards. This is usually quite quick but may on occasions take up to 24 hours depending on our flying schedule. This is to ensure taxation compliance in various countries.

Cover Letter Bundle

Includes example Cover Letters for the following airlines:

  • Legacy Airline First Officer
  • Emirates B777 & A380 Accelerated Command
  • Flybe First Officer
  • Generic First Officer (for all airlines)
  • Jet2.com First Officer
  • Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice
  • LEA Fully Funded Cadet Pilot Course
  • Low Cost First Officer
  • TUI UK First Officer
  • Wizz Air First Officer

CV & Cover Letter Bundle

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  • 5 x Generic Pilot CVs
  • Legacy Airline
  • easyJet
  • Jet2.com
  • Low Cost
  • Wizz Air (x2)

Pilot Application Support Package

Save £49.98 by purchasing our CV & CL bundle alongside our famous Airline Interview Question Database. The package includes the following:

  • All example Covering Letters listed on this page (£39.99)
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Legacy Airline Cover Letter

Written in September 2022, this is a 473 word, single page example covering letter for a Legacy Airline. It is suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers.

Extract from the Legacy Airline Cover Letter:

“As the national airline of [country] and the country’s only [insert appropriate like ‘flag carrier’], [airline name] is held in very high regard around the world. Since the company was first registered in [date], it has gone onto develop a rich history, spanning over eighty-five years, whilst building a reputation for safety, comfort and reliability.”

Emirates Accelerated Command Cover Letter

Written in November 2022, this is a 527 word, single page example covering letter for pilots applying for the A380/B777 Accelerated Command Program. The product consists of 2 covering letters, one for the B777 and one for the A320. The assumes:

  • Currently operating as a Captain
  • You have command experience on either Boeing or Airbus aircraft types
  • Prepared to relocate to Dubai

Extract from the Emirates Cover Letter:

From day one of joining Emirates, I would embrace the training and my subsequent flying experience with a view of it forming a pivotal part of my command development.

Emirates Pilot Recruitment

Flybe Pilot Cover Letter

This Covering Letter was written in November 2022 to reflect the restablishment of Flybe Ltd. It is suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers.

Extract from the Flybe Pilot Cover Letter:

Whilst the new reincarnation of Flybe (as Flybe Limited) has only been operating since spring 2022, through its rich heritage and strong brand image, the airline is held in very high regard by the travelling public of the United Kingdom.

Flybe Pilot Recruitment

Fully Funded LEAP & FI Course Example Cover Letter

This product is a 513-word example Covering Letter, delivered in PDF format for the Fully Funded LEAP & FI Course. It is designed for people applying for the fully funded commercial flight training course and assumes no previous flying experience or qualifications.

Extract from the Cover Letter:

“Having thoroughly researched the various stages of the LEA integrated flight training course, I understand that it requires an exceptionally high level of commitment and dedication in order to be successful.”

An example covering letter for people applying for a cadet pilot course

Generic First Officer Cover Letter

This letter has been written from a low hour pilots perspective and is not airline specific. Reviewed December 2021.

Extract from the Generic Pilot Cover Letter:

I make decisions in a reasoned and analytical manner, taking into account a range of options and including all team members in the option generation process. I believe this allows me to make well-thought-out decisions, and support others to do so, which is absolutely vital when operating a commercial aircraft.

An example covering letter for low hour first officers

Jet2.com Cover Letter

Reviewed December 2021. Suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers.

Extract from the Jet2.com Cover Letter:

Jet2.com has built up an excellent reputation for the level of customer service it delivers, which is supported by the fact that Jet2.com won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award in 2019.

Jet2.com Simulator Assessment Preparation

Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice Cover Letter

Reviewed December 2021. Suitable for applicants for the Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice Program.

Extract from the Jet2.com Pilot Apprentice Cover Letter:

Jet2.com already has a reputation for delivering friendly low fares, but I believe the Pilot Apprentice Program can play its part in supporting the airline to maintain a commercial advantage over its competitors through…

Jet2 Non Rated First Officer Recruitment

Low Cost Pilot Cover Letter

Suitable for Low Hour Pilots & First Officers. Reviewed October 2022.

TUI UK Pilot Cover Letter

Includes 2 x Cover Letters for B737 Rated First Officers and Low Hour Non-Rated First Officers.

Example extract from the Cover Letter:

“These values are a fantastic bedrock on which to base an operation as it reflects both the continuous effort to achieve the highest safety standards whilst providing an exemplary level of service and experience to the company’s passengers.”

Example cover letter for First Officers applying to TUI

Wizz Air Pilot Cover Letter

Suitable for Low Hour Pilots, First Officers & Captains. Updated January 2021 to reflect the Covid-19 pandemic.

Example extract from the Cover Letter:

“With a fleet of over one hundred aircraft, and in excess of two hundred aircraft on order, including the next generation Airbus 321neo, it is clear to me that Wizz Air is an exciting place to be working.”

A comprehensive guide to the Wizz Air Pilot Selection Assessment