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If you are seeking to pursue a career as a Commercial Airline Pilot, one of the first things to consider is “ Should I go to University or Not?” If you’ve come to the conclusion that yes, that is the route for you, then read on.

Over the last 15 years, Aviation Technology, Management and Pilot Studies degrees have become more and more popular. There is now a wide range such degree courses offered Universities across Europe. We have compiled a list of these degree programs for you to look at. Want to list a course? Email us the details.

Brunel University London

Aviation Engineering with Pilot Studies MEng

General information: “Becoming a pilot is one of the most exciting and rewarding of career choices. This specialist degree provides an ideal starting point for you to train to become a professional pilot after graduation. It incorporates fundamental practice and theory, but also presents the opportunity to obtain a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and to undertake training in a flight simulator.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £17,500 a year
Entry Requirements: A-Level grades AAA including Maths & Physics
Flying: Initial 15 hours towards NPPL, additional cost £3,075
Duration: 4 Years (5 year sandwich)

Buckinghamshire New University Aviation Degree Courses

Buckinghamshire New University

BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training 

General information: “If you want to qualify as a commercial pilot, this dynamic course covers the many areas of air transport management and prepares you for a successful career as a commercial pilot. It is one of only a few UK universities to have an FNPT II Flight Simulator, which you will use during the final year of your studies, helping you to prepare for the final phase of your flight training.

Unique to the UK Higher Education sector, Buckinghamshire New University’s programme will allow you to obtain a university degree and a frozen ATPL in just three years of full-time study – at a lower cost than doing them separately”.

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year + ATPL costs
Fees – International Students: £14,250 a year + ATPL costs
Entry Requirements: 104-128 UCAS Tariff score
Duration: 3 years

Buckinghamshire New University also offer courses in the following:

  • BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot Training
  • BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Private Pilot Training 
  • BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management 
  • MSc Aviation Security
Kingston Uni - Aviation

Kingston University, London

Aviation Studies for Commercial Pilot Training Foundation Degree FdEng and BSc (Hons)

General information: “This exciting foundation degree provides the opportunity to gain a recognised higher education qualification while acquiring the knowledge and some of the skills you will need to become a pilot. On successful completion of the foundation degree, you can top up to a BSc (Hons) degree.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £13,400 a year
Entry Requirements: 80 UCAS points / 2 A-Levels
Flying: Yes, require 20 hours towards teh PPL to commence the course
Duration: 1/2/3 Years

Staffordshire University (Stoke-on-Trent Campus)

Aeronautical Technology BSc (Hons)

General information: “In the first year of your Aeronautical Technology degree, you could learn to fly a glider. You could also learn about propulsion systems, covering gas turbine engines, rocket engines and internal combustion engines.

Other specialist modules include flight technology – involving the study of aircraft flight control systems – subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics, crash investigation, flight deck controls, instruments and displays, navigation systems, material properties and selection, and computer-based design, analysis and simulation.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £10,900 a year
Entry Requirements: A-Level BCC or CCC plus C at AS Level / UCAS 112 points
Flying: No
Duration: 3 Years

The University of Sheffield

Aviation Engineering (Private Pilot Instruction) BEng

General information: “Modules cover aero propulsion, aerodynamic design, aircraft dynamics and control, computational aerodynamics and project management. You’ll also take ground training for flight and five hours of flight training. Your study includes some experience of flight instrumentation and an individual investigative project of your choice.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: Approximately £9,000 a year
Fees – International Students: No fees mentioned
Entry Requirements: A-Level AAB including Maths & Physics
Flying: Yes, individual arrangements made
Duration: 3 Years

University of Hertfordshire

Aerospace Systems Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng (Hons)

General information: “The aerospace industry is increasingly in need of Systems Engineers with the skills to integrate modern communication systems with conventional aerospace systems to enhance aircraft performance. This variation to our Aerospace Systems Engineering degree can be the first step for those wishing to become professional pilots. It combines the multidisciplinary nature of the Aerospace Systems Engineering degree with pilot studies to a National Private Pilot’s Licence level and beyond.

The compulsory flying experience is mainly in the Fourth Year, provided locally by a nationally recognised flight centre either in the UK or the USA. There are additional fees for this, but with an attractively discounted rate compared to other flight centres. There are also opportunities to do some flying in the First and Second Years as an extracurricular activity, including use of various flight simulators.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £11,850 a year
Entry Requirements: 104 UCAS Points / A-Level Maths and either Physics or Technology Subject.
Flying: Yes but no details provided
Duration: 3 or 4 Years

University of Leeds

Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies BSc

General information: “You’ll benefit from the training facilities and expertise of a professional flying school as you undertake ten hours of flight training, achieve the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ground exam requirements for the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and develop the knowledge you need for commercial pilot ground exams. At the same time, you’ll gain a strong science and engineering base with modules on topics like aviation engineering materials. You’ll also put this knowledge into the context of the aviation industry today and in the future.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £19,750 a year
Entry Requirements: A-Level grades AAA including Maths & Physics
Flying: 10 hours of PPL training included in cost, option to complete PPL
Scholarships: Up to £4,000
Duration: 3 Years

University of Liverpool

Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng (Hons)

General information: “Pilot Studies lab The School of Engineering has a fantastic facility for undergraduate and postgraduate aerospace students to use.The interactive Pilot studies lab enables students to experience all aspects of flight from programming, aircraft design, navigation and system management to simulation flying in one of the three flight simulators; a jet stream 41, Piper PA38 and generic fast jet.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,000 a year
Fees – International Students: £17,900 a year
Entry Requirements: A-Level grades AAB including Maths & Science subject
Flying: 20 hours towards PPL, additional cost £3,400
Duration: 3 Years

University of Salford

Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng (Hons)

General information: “This course lets you combine the practical and theoretical aspects of flying with the underlying principles of aircraft engineering. The University has excellent facilities including three flight simulators, allowing you to benefit from the practical application of theories taught in the classroom. The course aims to produce graduates who can integrate theoretical and practical knowledge of maths, science, computer based methods, design, the economic, social and environmental context and engineering practice to solve complex aircraft engineering problems. You have the option to follow a structured pilot training programme leading to the opportunity to gain a Private Pilot Licence.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,000 a year
Fees – International Students: £13,300 a year
Entry Requirements: 112-120 UCAS / A-Level grades C in Maths & Physics
Flying: PPL (45 Hours), at an additional cost of £7,608
Duration: 3 Years

University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol

Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng (Hons) or MEng

General information: “This course has been designed alongside regional aerospace partners and is accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society. This means you will be equipped with industry knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of the aeronautical design and build process. Alongside the fundamentals of aerospace engineering, you will study materials and manufacturing processes, stress and dynamics, aerospace design, thermodynamics and fluids. Throughout the course, you will get practical experience developing and testing your prototypes in our well-equipped laboratories.”

Fees – EU/UK Students: £9,250 a year
Fees – International Students: £12,250 a year
Entry Requirements: A-Level grades B in Maths plus Science subject pass
Flying: Yes but no details provided
Duration: 3 Years