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What we can offer you… attracts a highly niche audience comprising of aspiring, low hour and experienced pilots as well as those currently under taking flight training through both the integrated and modular routes. Exposure to such a specific group is excellent for both brand recognition and conversion into sales & interest. offers flexible packages which can be customised to your company’s needs. was created in 2011 and has gone on to grow into one of the most popular aviation websites in the industry for both prospective and current pilots. In a typical month we receive around 630,00 impressions a month through 184,000 sessions by over 140,000 users.

The advertising spaces, are sold on a per month basis.

We can offer you the following:

  • Product placement
  • Brand recognition & exposure
  • Specific advertising and targeted promotions

The packages below include the banner size and location specified coupled with the following:

  • Targeted Facebook post to our 31,000+  & 13,000 LinkedIn followers
  • Up to 3 premium job postings
  • Advert visible on all website pages (200+ pages)

If you have a larger advertising campaign you wish to run, contact us to discuss further initiatives we can offer such as blog or news articles and banners on specific job pages.

Advertising Pricing

Advertising agreements for over 3 calendar months will be subject to a discounted rate.

TOP LARGE HORIZONTAL BANNER (above or below main menu) – 728 x 90 – £600 per month (note this is rotated with one additional banner).

BOTTOM HORIZONTAL BANNER – 728 x 90 – £300 per month (note this is rotated with one additional banner)


The analytics below are samples from a 30 day period spanning August – September 2019. These figures are representative of the traffic numbers seen across a typical month.

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