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Pilot Interview Preparation

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Pilot Interview Preparation

Ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your airline interview with our professional interview coaching service. We’ll take you through the commonly asked interview questions (both technical and competency based example questions) in a mock assessment that is followed up with coaching and tutoring to help improve your performance.

We look at everything from body language, to the use of keywords and demonstrating essential competencies.

We can conduct the interview sessions via Zoom, or we can arrange a mutually agreed location. The practice interviews and the subsequent tutoring is carried out as a 2 on 1 session, ensuring that you get the full attention of both a professional airline pilot and Human Resources representative.

A typical session is three hours (although it can be tailored to your requirements). If you are practicing for a particular airline, we can tailor the interview for that specific airline.

A typical session includes:

  • A mock 2 on 1 interview with a professional airline pilot and HR representative.
  • The interview contains both competency (example) questions as well as a technical assessment.
  • An interview debrief, identifying areas which could be improved. This ranges from body language, to content and keywords.
  • The correct answers to the technical questions (also provided in written format for you to take away).
  • A secondary interview to put into practice what you have learnt.

To book a session or make an enquiry, email us at [email protected]